Monday, July 26, 2010

Cowboys Tight End Martellus Bennett Caught with his Pants Down, Literally...

As technology has progressed over time, it has allowed us to have flat-screen televisions, and hybrid cars.  It has also enabled us to send people pictures of our junk at lightning speed.  Most of us have done this, and its bound to happen to athletes and celebrities.  Just ask Cowboys Tight End Martellus Bennett.

Bennett apologized today for naked pictures of him that surfaced today on a website.  He claimed that they were taken four years ago, and were meant to get him into the end zone of an ex-girlfriend.

The Cowboys haven't disciplined Bennett yet, and I wonder if Adolf Goddell will have anything to say about what has transpired.

Bennett has been involved in some controversy before, with his antics on youtube.  In one video, Bennett made a video of what he called the "Black Olympics", in which he and his brother competed to see who could eat the most fried chicken and watermelon.(no joke)

Kevin Says:  I don't really see what the big deal of the pictures is.  It's not his fault that some sleazebag bitch of an ex tried to make a little money from selling these private pictures to a website.  Granted, a pro athlete should have more sense than do to something like this, but its not like he wanted the attention.  To me, the bigger issue is the hoe, unless this guy did something sleazy to you, you could be a candidate for "douchebag of the week."

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