Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Thoughts: Butch Lesbians

Would you prefer this?
As a "flaming" heterosexual, watching hot girls make out is one of my favorite past time activities.  Most red-blooded men would agree, due to the fact that hundreds of girl-on-girl videos are produced every year.  In fact, an adult website claims that 99 % of all "lesbian" porn is indeed produced for straight men.  You don't often see what we call "butch" lesbian porn, and its something that I have always thought about.  What is the deal with "butch" lesbians.

While I have absolutely no problems with gays, butch lesbians and their partners have often left me a bit perplexed.  A girl likes another girl, because she isn't interested in guys, so why do some girls go for other girls that look like men?  If your hot young girl, why would you date some chick with a beer gut and a mullet.  I've seen this scenario many times walking around here in San Diego. 

If I were a lesbian, I would want another hot girl.  I would want someone feminine, with knockers the size of my head, because I'm a gay woman.  What would be the point of dating and screwing a girl that looks like a man.  You might as well go for a man, because I'm sure the real thing feels better than a hollowed-out piece of plastic.  Perhaps I would have to be a lesbian to understand.

Or perhaps this is better?
Which brings me back to the topic of lesbian porn.  Gay porn(two guys playing hide the sausage) is obviously intended for homosexual men.  Show me a straight guy that watches it, and I'll show a closet homosexual.  So why don't we see two girls, one with a mullet, and the other one with a buzzcut going to town on each other?  The answer is obvious:  no one wants to see that shit.  So why are other gay females attracted to females that look like men.  Is it because they like the sensitivity of a woman, with the looks of a man?  It's one of life's great mysteries I suppose.  Does anyone have any insight?


  1. "a hollowed-out piece of plastic"

    Maybe this could clue you in as to why some women prefer a butch woman over you, asshole.

    How can you be so ignorant..?

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL "No one wants to see that shit."

    What a douche this matste06 is too.

    -Hotel Ryan

  3. Thanks Kevin, I'm a chick and I was always curious as to why "butch." Its like a lesbian with an identity crisis on the verge of transgender. @Matse06 Its not ignorant if you don't have an actual insight or explanation for the observation, yourself.

  4. I have seen lesbian couples where one of them is quite attractive, and the other is a somewhat hideous butch-type, and have chalked it up to the attractive one as having low self esteem or the ugly one having lots of money. When the lesbian (or the gay, for that matter) couple is comprised of two equally unattractive people, I would assume that they coupled up for the same reasons unattractive hetero people hook up: it's very hard for broke, unattractive folks to score with hotties.

  5. I agree with the "verge of transgender" comment. I know women who became men, and the lifestyle that preceded the decision was one of short hair, dressing in baggy jeans, loose shirts, the whole outward effort to look like a guy.

  6. My best friend is a lesbian that only go after the "butch" type. Why? She says its because she thinks male genitals are disgusting... simple as that. She'd rather find a male looking girl with a vag to come home to. And obviously she's looking for an ATTRACTIVE, in shape male looking butch... not one with a rat tail and a beer gut you idiot!