Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Thoughts: Tribal Tattoos

Sorry, I guess I'm too cool for you.
Tattoos.  The word in the past has evoked a number of emotions in adults.  I remember growing up, my Grandmother told me that only common, white trash people had tattoos.  To get a tattoo, was just the same as joining a street gang to her. 

As I grew up, and started listening to Metal, I discovered that all my rock-and-roll heroes were draped in tattoos.  I discovered that tattoos can be a way to honor a relative or friend, or display things that you are passionate about.  I do not have any tattoos(I have a minor needle phobia) but I have come to appreciate the beauty that they can have.  Well most tattoos anyway.

Tribal tattoos are one of the lamest things I have ever seen.  Most of the people that have them are giant, Caucasian meat heads, with IQ's under 15.  One design that is very popular, is the all black tribal sun.  These goons typically like to get them on their arms, so they can use it as a conversation piece, while getting hammered at the local watering hole.  There are several more reasons why I hate them.

Tribal tattoos are completely unoriginal.  I always imagined that if I were ever going to ink up my skin, i would try to get a design that no one else has.  I would perhaps get an idea of what i want, and get a skilled artist to come up with his own rendition.  These goons want to get a tattoo, so they look at all the clip art on the wall, point at a tribal tiger design, and voila!  One short hour later, and they have their own tribal tiger, to further cement their membership in the Hall of Douchebags.

Tribal tattoos, for the most part look very primitive.  The tattoos I have admired in people have been elaborate and colorful.  You can tell that the artist took his time creating a beautiful design that the customer can be proud of.  Most tribal tattoos are black, and in my opinion look completely uninspired.  A few tattoo artists I asked, confessed that they loathe having to them.

I'm not sure what this is, but it looks cool on the wall!
These tattoos are stupid, but they aren't going anywhere. states on their website that Tribal Ink is currently the most common tattoo request in shops all around our great country.  So the next time you see a really stupid tribal tattoo, just emulate my actions;  laugh, point, and then laugh again.

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