Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another year of Community College

So today I began another year of junior college, and if all goes well, it should be my last.  There are things that I noticed, and i thought I would share with you.

I walked in to my 7:30 AM Biology class to find every single seat taken, and at least another 15 or so standing on the back.  As a student that enrolled in this class way back in July, I found these annoying.  Yo Goober, if your like 25th on the waiting list, don't bother showing up.  It sort of made me feel like I had great box seats at Yankee Stadium, only to have to ask the fat douchebag to get out of my seat.

Perhaps it wasn't the fault of these students, it was more likely the fault of California.  Apprently California is piss-poor broke, so they have to cut money everywhere.  That is why most DMV classes are closed on Friday's, and that's why the budgets allotted to Community Colleges have been slashed significantly.  They have cut hundreds of sections, which means higher tuition, and less flexibility for students.  Which is why we see 85 students trying to get into a class that only has room for 50.  It's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Then we have the outrageous price of textbooks, which in my opinion, is absolute rape.  Is it really necessary to charge $135.00 for a Biology book?  How much does this really cost to produce.  Now some teachers provide what is called "e-books."  This is where you pay for a book, than download it.  $90.00 bucks for that, then you figure another $100.00 in paper and toner, if you want some sort of a physical copy.

Of course it isn't always bad at the JC.  A new year brings another load of fresh, hot high school graduate co-eds.  It is always a good time to make my rounds, and check out all the talent.  It is like Christmas morning for me, no matter how old you are, you have to appreciate 18 year old chicks.

So another school year begins, and I am oh so close to finally getting my A.A., wish me luck friends!

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