Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Artist of the week: Automatic Loveletter

This is the first, in a new feature I will feature every week.  I am going to write a little article about an artist that I have been enjoying, and then sharing it with the four of you that read this.  I will also post some of the new releases that you can go out and buy, or download of a torrent site.  That being said, lets hear it for our first band of the week, Automatic Loveletter.

Automatic Loveletter, is a female-fronted pop/rock band out of Tampa Bay, Florida.  Juilet Simms, the lead vocalist of the band has endured many hardships while trying to get her career started.  She initally signed to Epic Records back in 2007.  She recorded an album with producer Matt Squire, but it was never released, although some of those tracks made it on their debut EP, "Recover."  That was released in 2008.

Finally in June 2010, Automatic Loveletter put out their debut album, called "Truth or Dare."  The album debuted at #23 on the Heatseekers chart, and they played all the dates on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour.  They will also be playing some dates with Valencia in October.

The reason I love this band, is Juliet Simms.  She plays heart-on-your-sleeve rock, with impressive ballads, and uptempo rock anthems.  Her voice has a raspy feel to it, and she has incredible range.  The lady also writes all her own material, impressive in a world full of Katy Perry and Britney Spears carbon copies. 

Automatic Loveletter is also impressive live, sounded just like they do in the studio.  They were a respite for my ears, with most of Warped Tour being one generic screamo band after another.  Do yourself a favor, and check out this band, you may just dig them like I do, congratulations to Automatic Loveletter, the band of the week. 

Artist:  Automatic Loveletter
Album:  Truth or Dare
Standout Tracks:  "Heart Song."  The opening track on the record, and the most uptempo track on the record, it's quite catchy, and danceable.
"Story of my Life."  This track chronicles the struggle of Simms' struggle to make her rock-n-roll dreams come true.  Great, heartfelt lyrics.
"The Day that Saved Us."  A fantastic ballad, that shows of the impressive vocal range of Juilet Simms.

"Heart Song" video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsONBKFbL-w
"Hush" video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STkzdgW7ONs