Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bill O'Reilly rips Kim K

Bill O'Reilly was mouthing off again, this time bashing Kim Kardishan for her photo shoot with 16 year old megastar, Justin Bieber.  The spread, which will appear in the pages of Elle magazine, depicts Kim K and Beebs as a couple.  The pictures are based on the film, "The Graduate" which is a film about an older woman seducing a younger man.

Bill O'Reilly was quoted as saying:  "I wanted to be a baseball player when I was 16, I didn't want to hang with Kim Kardashian."

Really, O'Reilly?  So a heterosexual boy would rather play baseball than hang out with Kim Kardashian?  Give me a break!  I love baseball as much as anyone, but I'm pretty sure 16-year-old Kevin would rather hang out with Kim Kardashian, hell so would 25-year-old Kevin.  If you would rather play ball than hang out with a ridiculously hot celebrity, then O'Reilly I think you are probably gay. 

The pictures I've seen, seem to be pretty innocent.  I was much more disturbed by the pics Miley Cyrus took with her boyfriend...I mean Father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

You also have to respect the game of Justin Bieber.  I can't stand this kid's music, but I have to admire his talents with the ladies.  Well played, kid.

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