Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brett Favre retires...for now

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for this years version of Favrewatch.  While we wait for some meaningless preseason games to be played, we again have Favre to entertain us.

Every year since 2002, Favre has contemplated retirement.  It lead to a messy divorce from the Green Bay Packers in 2008.  After spending a mediocre year in New York, Brett had arguably his finest year last year, leading the Vikings to a berth in the NFC title game.  So if Brett is playing at such a high level, why not try to win another Super Bowl?  Well, there are many reasons.

Favre took an absolute beating last year in the aforementioned title game, taking numerous hits,and sustaining an ankle injury that required offseason surgery.  Multiple reports have stated that the ankle injury hasn't healed enough for Favre to play at a high level.

Favre is also 40, and not too many Quarterbacks have played at a high level at that age.  After being sacked 500 times, and being knocked down many times more, the thought of 250 lb Linebackers chasing after you, doesn't seem like an appealing proposition.  So what does Favre do?

I believe he is coming back to Minnesota.  He has $13 million on the table, and that is a ridiculous amount of money to just leave on the table.  Brett has also been working out, so if he were going to hang it up, why bother throwing around the pigskin?

Brett is one of the finest QB's to ever play the game, but he is an even bigger media-whore.  He seems to love the delicious Rachel Nichols of ESPN following him around.  Brett loves flipping on the TV, and seeing the around-the-clock coverage dedicated to him.  Plus, the longer he delays his decision, the more training camp he misses.  Then Brett can come out of the tunnel on opening night, and once again be the savior.

I would be willing to bet a lot of money on Favre coming back, he is just once again lubing up his dong, so he can mindfuck another legion of fans.  Make it quick, Brett.

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