Saturday, August 7, 2010

Douchebag of the week: JT the Brick

There is no real reason why JT wins the award this week, I just have grown tired of his act.  JT has just been his usual obnoxious self, polluting the airwaves every night.

For those of you who do not know who JT is, I'll break it down for you.  JT hosts an overnight sports-talk radio program that airs five days a week.  JT considers him a "hardcore" fan, and expects the same out of his callers.  If you do not give JT what he wants, he will dump you with a ridiculous POWWWWWW sound.  JT is a former caller to the highly successful Jim Rome show, but there are many differences between the two.

First, JT is a blind homer.  Listen to his show, or follow him on twitter, and you will find nothing but Yankee propaganda.  The Rays win a series last week, and JT dusts off the "what have the Rays ever won" rationalization.  Sounds like sour grapes to me, Mr national-radio host.

We can also go back to the rant that made me into a full-blown JT hater.  During the Yankees vs. Dodgers series in June, JT was appalled by the Dodger fans chanting of "Yankees suck!"  While any intelligent baseball fan knows that the Yankees are the model franchise, and the chant was obviously done in jest.  Mr. Brick hits the air, and bitches for at least 10 minutes about how great the Yankees are, and how stupid Dodger fans are for making that chant.   Well Kevin says:  Lighten the fuck up!  It's a baseball game.

I personally believe JT's days on the air are numbered.  They don't kick you to the overnights as part of a promotion, and JT's personality doesn't really mesh with the overnight drunk callers.

So congratulations JT, you have annoyed me to no end with your idiocy.  Enjoy this award JT, it will be your solace when you're back on local radio!

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  1. Loves to drop names and talk about where he jetted off to last weekend. Loves to talk about Kardashians, etc. too.

    Not a lot of insight or sports knowledge though...