Friday, August 20, 2010

Douchebags of the week: Dr. Laura and Karsten Whitson

There were plenty of candidates for the prestigious award this week.  I heard many people tell me that I should pick Brett Favre.  Personally, I like having Favre in the league, and I have grown accustomed to his dog and pony show every offseason.  I also considered Shawne Merriman, just because I think he's a punk.  However, after much deliberation, I decided that a couple of candidates were worthy, so your douchebags of the week are Dr. Laura and Padres draft pick Karsten Whitson.

For those of you that haven't been following the news, Dr. Laura was heavily scrutinized for using the "n" word, while on the air with a black caller.  Her reasoning for using it, was that if the word is so offensive, then why to black people say it to each other?  While I don't disagree with her point of view, it is incredibly stupid to say the "n" word on National radio.  Don Imus said "nappy headed hoe" on the air, and was promptly fired.  What did she really expect to prove by saying the "n" word?  Dr. Laura is a despicable bitch, who has put her foot in her mouth several times.

She also apologized for using the "n" word, yet has decided to end her radio career, so she "can have her first amendment rights."  So, you use a racial slur on air, apologize for using the slur, yet you say you want to be able to say whatever you would like in our society.  When I read between the lines, Dr. Laura was just paying lip service to the public.  She wasn't sorry at all for what she said, she was just sorry that she was crucified in the media.  I can't speak for everyone, but I don't apologize for things i say or do, unless I am truly sorry. 

Should we really be surprised that Dr. Laura pissed off another portion of the human race?  I mean this is the same whore that said that homosexuality was "a biological error" and that all gay men can't raise children because they are "sexual deviants."  At the end of the year, Dr. Laura will end her radio career, and will have plenty of time to write books that spew her right-wing agenda of family.  She is entitled to her opinion, but I don't buy her apology.  Stick to your guns, you old hag.

Now we move on to my boy, Padres first round draft pick, Karsten Whitson.  According to several reports, the Padres had an agreement to sign Karsten for around $2 million, the amount MLB recommends that the 9th pick in the draft should receive.  Well at the last moment, Karsten wanted $2.7 million, and the Padres countered with $2.1 million.  The Padres called his bluff, and he didn't sign.

Mr. Whitson decided to get greedy, and now he's lost an opportunity to make millions.  Keith Law of ESPN said Whitson would be lucky to see that kind of money in 2013, the next time Whitson will be eligible for the draft.  See Karsten, you get greedy and you get screwed.  College baseball coaches are notorious for abusing their pitchers.  I went to a San Diego State vs. New Mexico game last season, and the pitcher for New Mexico was allowed to throw 160 pitches in 8 innings.  Good luck with that my friend, hopefully your arm falls off by your junior year.

So congratulate our newest award-winners, I am contemplating sending our recipients a box of Summer's Eve, so if anyone could hook me up with the addresses, I would appreciate it.  Enjoy your time off of radio Dr. Laura, I know I will!


  1. Dr. Laura is a hypocrite. Giving out marriage advice, while we have nude pictures of her being a slutbag with some guy she's cheating with. After that? Nope. You go into my "dipshit" file. Permanently. Just like Rusch Limbaugh. I would have overlooked his 'put all drug addicts in jail' line, even after he got busted for being a pill popper, but he never actually said he did anything wrong. He was "in pain." So he has to do handfuls of pills he got from his maid at a time? Horseshit. Another dickbag hypocrite who deserves no respect.

    That said, any black person that uses the word "nigga" is just as big of a retarded moron as Dr. Laura. "I get to use this word... but you can't!!!" Hahahaha... no thanks, to that kind of deranged stupidity.

  2. I completely agree. I actually don't disagree with the point she made, i do disagree with the fact she apologized. Then she turns around, and quits her radio program, so she can "have her 1st amendment rights." As Arlo would say, bitch please!

  3. Karsten whitson cooked his own goose. you dont go back on a verbal agreement unless there was a huge difference in the going rate. he verbally agreed to 1.7 mil then pads offered more when the 9th pick got higher than expected. you were right about his greed getting in the way of making great money!!! one error that keith law made was saying he wasnt eligible for draft til 2013. that is only if he goes to a 4 year college. if he goes to a jaycee, he is eligible again next year. Another good job Kevin & both picks were brilliant. there is not enought room for me to get into dr. asshole!