Monday, August 16, 2010

Films I love: Jennifer's Body

Yes, this movie wasn't commercially successful, nor was it lauded with praise.  It isn't a movie that will be remembered as a great piece of cinema, yet it was a great popcorn movie.  Jennifer's Body is a teen horror-comedy that has some laughs, a little bit of gore, and some hot lesbian action.  Who can't appreciate that?

Jennifer's Body was released in 2009, and starts retarded-hot actress Megan Fox, and the equally delightful Amanda Seyfried.  The film was the first Box Office Test for Megan Fox, as she didn't have the benefit of starring opposite Optimus Prime.  The film was a bit of a commercial disappointment, earning a touch over $16 million on a budget of the same amount.  Amanda Seyfried did win some bullshit MTV award for her performance.

Megan Fox is Jennifer Check, a hot flag girl, and Amanda Seyfried plays Needy, Jennifer's nerdy best friend.  Despite having little in common, they have been best friends since childhood.  One night, they decide to go see a rock band at a dive bar in a bigger town.  During the opening song, the bar burns to the ground, and several people are killed.  The band, called Low Shoulder, are praised as heroes, since they were seen pulling victims from the blaze.

Needy and Jennifer survive the blaze, but Jennifer decides to get in a van with her rock-and-roll heroes and goes off into the night.  The next time Needy sees Jennifer, Jennifer storms into her house, pops open the refrigerator, and attacks a poor defenseless chicken.  Jennifer appears possessed and pukes a black spiky substance all over the floor.

The movie also contains on of the best kisses in the history of film.  If this scene doesn't give you a boner, then you are probably gay.  The rest of the film features Jennifer attacking and eating boys, and Needy trying to put a stop to it.

The movie while often cheesy, has some funny dialogue, including the scene when we find out how Jennifer became possessed.  Megan Fox isn't particularly talented, but this role was perfect for her, and she gave a decent performance.  Amanda Seyfried also was underrated in this film, and J.K. Simmons gives us a few laughs as a concerned teacher.

I think this movie is just fun, and it never takes it self too seriously.  March your ass to Blockbuster, and enjoy it.  At least watch the lesbian scene.  My penis salutes you, Jennifer's Body!

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  1. Perfectly said. i think that nailed my sentiments right on the head. Keep writing, its all fun to read whether you agree or not.