Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glen Coffee 23

Oh to be young, rich, and playing a key role for an NFL team.  Sounds like a dream for most of us nonathletic, overweight shlubs.  Glen Coffee decided that this dream of a lifestyle was not for him.

Glen Coffee, a backup running back for the San Francisco 49'ers, decided that he no longer had the passion for football, and decided to retire.  Coffee, was a third round pick in 2009, and had 83 carries for 226 yards, with 2 TD's.

According to, Glen Coffee looks like he's going to join the ministry.  Not as glamorous as scoring touchdowns on Sunday, he now will spend his Sundays in church.

Kevin Says:  I actually respect Coffee a lot for this.  He was upfront with the coaching staff, and decided football wasn't for him.  A lot of guys would have hung on for the paycheck, and play with half a heart.  It's unfortunate for the Niners organization, since he was a 3rd round pick in 2009.  Good luck to you, Glen.

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