Friday, August 6, 2010

Guilty pleasures in music

Thanks to the invention of Ipod's, we are now able to carry our whole collection of music in our pocket.  It's always great to slap on the headphones, and get lost in music that we love.  Being that I love metal and punk, most of my music collection consists of that type of music.  But sprinkled throughout my collection of music, you will find some stuff that is less than cool.  Here are a few examples:

Lady Gaga:  I still am not very sure why i dig some of her music.  I mostly hate "dance" music, but she has an edgy darkness that i like. I would like to see her do some darker music, perhaps channel her inner Marilyn Manson.  She definitely has it in her.

Taylor Swift:  It's only natural that I have the highest selling album of 2009.  She writes pretty decent pop music, fused with that twangy country sound.  I find myself signing along to some of these tracks, an egregious error for a self-proclaimed metalhead.

Good Charlotte:  Back in the heyday of this band, I took a lot of shit for liking them.  Their breakthrough album "The Young and the Hopeless" made them MTV heroes.  In 2002, I was a depressed teenager, and tracks like "The Anthem" and "Hold On" made me feel like I belonged somewhere.  While its not a great album musically, it is one I will throw on from time-to-time.

Static-X:  Hard to believe these guys have been around so long.  Their first two albums, "Wisconsin Death Trip" and "Machine" actually went platinum, despite little mainstream support.  Their lyrics however, are beyond retarded.  Here's a sample:  "You push it, yeah you push it, yeah you push it."  There also also some deep growls thrown in there for good measure.  The guitar work is rather average, yet they have some catchy tracks.  Hard to believe I once considered this "metal".

Hey Monday:  More generic female-fronted pop-punk, that is Paramore-light.  The songs are catchy, what can I say, I like this kind of music.  It's basically pop, but tracks like "Set it Off" have some nice energy.

What bands or artists are your "guilty pleasures?"  Tell me in the comments section.

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  1. Lady Gaga's music is in your face as much as metal is. Check out this metal remix by Bliix for the song "Paparazzi." I love it...

    Lady Gaga somehow retains a delicate innocence, even while doing a sleazy grind in a fishnet bodysuit. Not sure how she does it, but it works for me.

    My music confessions are Vivaldi and other classical music, bagpipe music, and Irish drinking songs - (which I usually sing onstage every St. Patrick's day.)