Monday, August 9, 2010

Mariners fire Don Wakamatsu

Just a few days ago, Mariners manager got the dreaded vote of confidence from upper management.  Today Wakamatsu is unemployed.

The Mariners fired their manager, after a season that was filled with promise, came crashing down due to players not playing up to their capability.  The Mariners started Monday with a 42-70 record, including a pathetic 6-22 in July. 

Wakamatsu was in his second season as manager of the Mariners, going 127-147 overall, but he did lead the team to an 85-77 record just one year ago.

The Mariners AAA manager, Darin Brown will take over on an interim basis.

Kevin Says:  Wakamatsu takes the wrap for GM Jack Zduriencik, as most of his offseason moves blew up in his face.  A ton of people picked Seattle in the west this year, but everything went completely wrong.  Cliff Lee was supposed to give them another ace, and while he pitched well, the Mariners fell out of the race and he was shipped to Texas.  Chone Figgins has been a complete failure, Ken Griffey couldn't hit anymore, and Milton Bradley has been useless.  Once again, the Mariners are rebuilding.  Perhaps they shop Ichiro this offseason, I can see him wearing Yankee pinstripes in 2011.

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