Thursday, August 12, 2010

My trip to Warped Tour 2010

Warped Tour is always one of my favorite days of the year. It's like punk rock summer camp, dozens of bands playing for 10 straight hours. There's always a bunch of great looking ladies, so its a party for both your eyes and your ears. While enjoying my day there, I noticed many things that I found fascinating, so I am going to share them with you.

Automatic Loveletter
The cigarette smoking companies must be stoked, because Warped Tour is a gathering of thousands of underage smokers. You couldn't walk more than 20 feet without seeing some 15 year old kid lighting up. It must be liberating to fire up a Camel, without your Mother walking into your room and ripping you a new asshole. Way to rebel kids.

Hardcore dancing is still very popular with the children. If your not sure what it is, it consists of people opening a mosh pit, then swing their limbs like they are imitating Bruce Lee. Check out this link for a better example.  I am just there to check out some music, and have a little fun, not have some idiot hit me on the head, while he is swinging his limbs around like a monkey.  It is completely annoying, and they look ridiculous.

There were also a ton of female fronted bands this year, more than I have ever seen.  I counted at least 10 of them, and a lot of them are actually good.  I checked out a band called Versaemerge, pretty catchy rock, that has a bit of an indie vibe.  I was impressed by their set.  Automatic Loveletter was also amazing, and I was privileged enough to meet the lead singer, Juilet Simms.  Her voice is so emotional and unique, I recommend them highly.  Even a couple of female fronted San Diego bands were present in A City Serene and The Material.  Rock on ladies!

But with the good, there were just as many terrible bands.  Emmure, an east-coast hardcore band epitomized whats wrong with music.  Five guys, dressed up as bad asses, screaming into a microphone, while playing the same three chords repeatedly.  They played 6 songs during their set, and I honestly couldn't tell you the differences between them.  Their set was complete garbage.  Whitechapel is another generic band, I couldn't get into their set at all.

So another year at Warped comes to an end.  I got to see some great bands, get a little sunburned, and best of all, I got to drink a $5.00 water.  Warped Tour is always a blast, and is a great place for a music fan.

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