Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Thoughts: Applebees

Oh, good old Applebee's.  The friendly neighborhood place for good food, and good friends.  At least that is what the commercials tell us.

Applebee's is a pretty decent place, passable food at passable prices.  You can have a cheap Sam Adams to go with your overcooked steak.  And at the restaurant I frequent, they always seem to have good-looking waitresses.  You have to love a place that has delicious eye-candy.

They also have a pretty kick-ass happy hour.  Who doesn't love half-price wings and beer.  Shit, the way I am describing this place, it seems like heaven on Earth.  But wait, there's so much more.

I'm starting to think the bastards in the kitchen are screwing with me.  I went in there tonight, looking forward to some cheap, delicious wings.  I left with a small child in my colon.  As I am typing this, it feels like the insides of my stomach are being ripped to shreds.  I'm pounding a concoction of Pepto, and Rolaids.

So next time you are enjoying some cheap eats, and hot waitresses, remember you will pay for it later.  $4 wings are just too good to be true.  Do your insides a favor, and pass next time.  Or your toilet will be colors you've never seen before.

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