Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Thoughts: People on cellphones

Cell phones are a blessing, yet a curse on our society.  It makes things like contacting emergency services so much more effective.  If someone has a heart attack or is violently attacked, we can access 911 much faster, and potentially save lives.  We can also exchange information so much more quickly, we can text someone a quick message like, "meet me for dinner at 8" or "pick up milk on the way home".  Makes things quick and efficient.  Overall though, I feel cellphones are a hindrance on our society. 

Cellphones give people a reason to be even ruder than they already are.  As I have previously stated, I work in retail, so I deal with idiots every day.  People think that while they are on the phone, it is like they are in some sort of a bubble.  They have conversations that should be private.  I've heard people discussions financial stuff, including pin numbers and other information that should be on the downlow.  I have even heard one delightful young lady discussing her sexlife.  Interesting and fun for me, but way inappropriate.

The next schmuck is someone I call "bluetooth guy".  This piece of shit walks around in public all day,having random conversations, because he's hands-free.  Everytime I see this clown, i think he's some nut that is talking to himself.  Hell, maybe he is, but seeing guys walk around with that stupid thing hanging off their ears drives me batshit. 

My biggest pet peeve with cell phones,are the idoits think that theyhave to answer their phone.  Some idiot will walk up to me, ask me a question, then while I am in mid-sentence, they will pick up their phone and answer it.  So lets recap:  idiot wastes my time to ask some pointless question, I attempt to answer, then I am completely cutoff.  Unless your wife is pregnant, or someone in your family is sick, put down the fucking phone, and call them back.  Most phones have caller-id, so if it was really that important you can call them back, or shoot them a text.  It's not that difficult, you bastards!

I will admit that i love my cell phone. I text like a madman, and I love facebooking on it.  However, you will never catch me answering my phone while you speak to me, or walking around with a bluetooth headset, obvlious to the world around me.  Learn to use your phones properly people!

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  1. ive had a few people come over to hang out, and within 10 minutes, the dudes phone rang. he was outside talking for 3 hours, came back in, and they had to go.