Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remember "Turn ahead the clock night?"

Turn ahead the clock night was one of my favorite baseball promotions ever.  Back in 1999, many teams wore futuristic uniforms, some of which were actually pretty cool.  I've used the power of google, and found a few that were pretty cool.  Many of the teams went ahead and just made their current logo bigger, although some completely changed their color scheme.  Lets take a look at some of them.

The Brewers uniform on the left here, was pretty cool.  I like the colors, with the blue unis, with the yellow sleeves.  You also have to like the barrel man swinging for the fences.  It would be better if it were Benny Brewer.

The Padres uniform looks pretty cool as well.  I wish they would wear black, instead of that terrible kahki color they wore on the road.  Plus it made Tony Gwynn look slimmer than he ever did.

The Mariners uniform below, also had an entirely different color scheme.  I wish more teams did rock red as a primary color, it looks really cool.  Perhaps they should bring it as an alternative Sunday afternoon jersey.

I thought this promotion was fun, although I remember it being ridiculed by sports writers.  I am all for doing something fun and different.  I think it's time for more futuristic uniforms.

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