Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Snooki gets arrested

Every one's favorite, pint-size bitch was arrested for disorderly conduct in New Jersey last weekend.  According to an article on

The police said that "Snooki"was acting disorderly, and was seen earlier in the day doing bodyshots, and purchasing a beer-bong.

I always find it hilarious when "celebrities" are arrested, especially lowlifes like these people.  Doesn't this whore live her life in a constant inebriated state?  Doesn't she get paid an obscene amount of money to drink, tan, and act stupid?  So what exactly was she doing that caused her to get arrested?

I have never watched this show, but I find it offensive.  I do, am of Italian descent, and these slobs make us look bad.  I always believed that "Guido" was an offensive term, but this little greaseball turned it into a cultural phenomenon.  Fuck you, Jersey Shore!


  1. Like I said on FB, Snooki is a total sleaze... but I bet she's a maniac in bed. Good times.

    "Guido," I suppose, can be an offensive term, but c'mon. Has there ever really been a derogatory name for white people that really offends you? I'm German and Irish. If someone called me a kraut or a mick, I'd be, like, "Huh?" Well, actually I'd laugh first.

  2. It doesn't offend me, but other italians I know are offended by that term. Its a funny word to me. But most Itailans I know would crack your skull for using that term.