Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spencer Pratt wants $5 million for sex tape

Douchebag hall-of-famer Spencer Pratt is up to his old tricks, offering up a sex tape featuring himself and his estranged wife, Heidi Montag.  Pratt, is shopping the tape to Vivid Video for $5 million, according to a report on

Pratt claims that he has "an entire website" full of video, and that he could "blow Club Jenna out of the water."  His reasoning for doing this is that a porn flick, could make them even more famous.

This man really is the scum of the Earth.  Hopefully Pratt will be hit by a bus soon.  This guy really thinks America wants to see his 3 inch dong.  I wonder if his pubes are albino too?

I wouldn't mind seeing Miss Montag on the business end of his tiny Johnson, but doesn't this clown really need more money and attention?  Both of these idiots got married for fame, and now she's a drugged out clown, with ridiculously giant knockers, while our albino friend is just as delusional as ever. 

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