Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sports takes for August 24

There's always interesting stuff going on in the world of sports so here's some compelling stories:

Tigers outfielder/designated hitter, Johnny Damon decided to use his no-trade clause, and nix a deal that would have sent him to Boston.  The Tigers are dead and buried in the standings, so Damon blocking a move to a team that at least has a shot is somewhat surprising.  Perhaps his leaving the Sox, and signing with the Yankees burned his bridge with Boston.  He was ridiculed by Red Sox fans in his return, including a sign that said:  "Looks like Jesus, acts like Judas, throws like Mary."  Classic.

Rajon Rondo withdrew from the U.S. basketball roster, so now the roster is set.  This team is a collection of young players, and is ridiculously small.  Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose are probably the best players on the team.  The U.S. will be very vulnerable at the World Championships.

Chad Ochocinco was fined $25,000 for tweeting during the Bengals preseason game.  While it wasn't the smartest thing for Chad to do, I do find him entertaining at least.

The New York Jets signing All-Pro Center Nick Mangold to a seven year, $55 million deal, with $22 million of that money guaranteed.  Mangold is now the NFL's highest paid center.  Good deal for both parties, he was a big reason for their #1 ranked rushing attack last season.

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