Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tila Tequila gets stoned in Illinois

America's favorite whore Tila Tequila was in the news today, and as usual drama was following her like a lost little puppy.  The reality star, terrible musician, and all-around disgusting human being was injured at an Insane Clown Posse concert in Illinois.

Tequila was in town to perform her version of shitty, electronic music.  When she hit the stage, Juggalos pelted her with rocks, and she even claimed that a couple of people threw feces at her. 

According to several online articles, fans became enraged when Tequila mocked the crowd, and then all hell broke loose when Tequila allegedly flashed her breasts.  Patrons then threw beer bottles, and various blunt objects until she rushed off of the stage.

The retards better known as "juggalos
This kind of behavior should not be surprising from fans of ICP.  Most ICP fans are disgusting and often inbred pieces of white trash who mistake the excrement of swear words spewing from the mouths of "Crazy J" as actual hip-hop.  It's all not surprising then these douchebags resorted to throwing crap at another person.  Normally I would be outraged by such disregard for a human life, but since its Tila Tequila, I laughed for several minutes upon reading it.  And what kind of men get pissed when a woman flashes her tits?  It was probably the best thing about her set. 

You do have to hand it to the bitch, she knows how to get attention.  When she's not on stupid reality shows, she gets choked and beaten by linebackers (allegedly), and gets a nice paycheck for doing what she does best:  laying on her back.  When will Tila go away?

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