Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When will Jennifer Aniston go away?

I have never really understood the appeal of Jennifer Aniston.  She's a pretty attractive lady that got her big break on "Friends," a show that I never really liked.  After becoming one of the highest paid actresses in the history of television, she graduated into a full time movie actress.  Aniston has also graced the cover of numerous tabloid publications, and her name is always news in the world of entertainment.  Americans seem to be obsessed with this woman, yet her box office numbers haven't really backed up her hype.

Aniston, who made her major film debut in the forgettable 1992 horror flick "Leprechaun," has started in many films, some very successful, and others that haven't been.  When you break down her highest grossing films:  "Marley & Me," "The Break-Up", and "Bruce Almighty," all these films have a recurring theme; all of them feature successful co-stars.  Another film she started in, "He's Just not that Into You", featured an ensemble cast, and would have been successful without her presence.

In films where she is the featured lead, the results have been less than stellar.  Her newest film, "The Switch" where she receives donated sperm, made just $8.9 million in it's opening weekend, and more moviegoers decided to see "Vampires Suck," a film that was slaughtered by critics.  She started in the mildly successful film "The Bounty Hunter," that featured Gerard Butler, but her performance is likely to earn her a razzie nomination.  There are several other flops that Aniston has to her credit, like "Love Happens."

Her performance of at the box office, does not back up the fact that she is Hollywood's highest paid actress.  Not many women have been able to carry films by themselves, but with as much publicity as Aniston gets, you would think that she would.  You simply can't put her in the same league as a Sandra Bullock, since she has not shown the ability to have a hit film, without a male lead carrying the way.

Aniston has leeched on to Adam Sandler, as she will star with him in "Just Go With It," which is slated for release in February.  She also has a film coming up called "Gambit," although it has nothing to do with the X-Men character. 

Aniston is apparently America's Sweetheart, yet we as a society, have decided to ignore her films as a whole.  Aniston needs to do two things:  Get her own reality show, and show her breasts in a film.  Think about it, Aniston can still make a ton with cameras following her every move.  We don't want to see her do movies, yet America has a curious obsession with her personal life.  You sell this thing to one of the major networks, and i can guarantee it will be ratings gold.  I have no interest in seeing her in some generic romantic comedy, yet if you tell me that I can get a peek of her famous boobies, then I would be willing to drop down $12.  American men love to see famous boobies, so again, I guarantee a successful run at the Box Office, if Aniston shows us her "friends."

Jen is a good-looking middle aged women, but that can only carry you so far.  She is an average actress at best, and that can only take you so far.  I am hoping that her run at the Box Office is almost over, and she can just be a person who is famous for being famous.  Jen, please stop making terrible movies.


  1. I have never seen the appeal...ever. What a self promoter. What was Brad thinking?

  2. 15 years ago she had small sagging breasts, I doubt they would be much better now.

    How she stays around is kinda simple, she has her own production company because she knows nobody else would want her. The movies make a small profit, and as long as this continues she will stay around to annoy us.