Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who the fuck is Aubrey Plaza?

If you saw "Funny People" like i did last summer, you witnessed the big screen debut of Aubrey Plaza.  She played Daisy, the female comic, and the love interest of Seth Rogen.  If you felt like me, you probably wanted her to get hit by a train, or eaten by a pack of wolves.  I just wanted her off the screen.  Recently i took in the film, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," and there she was, just as annoying as ever.  These events got me to thinking, "Who is this broad, and where did she come from?"  I decided to hit up my ally google, and learn about my new, least favorite actress.

This Aubrey Plaza girl was born in 1984, in Delaware.  She stars in the NBC sitcom, "Parks and Recreations," a show that has had poor ratings, and it's also one I have never seen.  It seems like she has a fan in Judd Apatow, so there will be plenty more films opportunities for her.  But I really don't see the appeal of her.

Take a look at "Funny People."  While it wasn't a classic by any means, Aubrey was absolutely horrid in this movie.  Her stand up comedy scenes were flat out terrible.  According to, Judd Apatow had all of the stars write their own material, including Plaza.  Her stand up scene was incredibly difficult to watch.  She was completely unfunny, and came across as awkward, but not in a good way.  If I had paid to see this bitch live, I would demand a refund,or pelt her with a boot.

She played another annoying character in "Scott Pilgrim," playing a character that warns Scott to stay away from the girl of his dreams.  Her skin looks awful in the film, as I assume the filmmaker was trying to make her less attractive.

Perhaps it's just the roles that this young lady is receiving, but she has already annoyed me to no end.  Like I mentioned earlier, as long as Apatow is producing comedies, she will probably find work.  Aubrey, I implore you to take acting classes, please?


  1. Aubrey Plaza is a master of deadpan humor, which is why she has been and will be featured in leading roles in major films.

  2. I agree completely with this post. well played.

  3. she is a dumb annoying bitch with no personality!

  4. I Googled "who the fuck is aubry plaza" thank you for your answer, though I didn't see "Funny People."