Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 actresses I'd like to see naked

Have you ever watched a movie, and thought to yourself, "Man, that chick is hot, I wonder what she looks like naked?"  I do this almost every time a film fails to capture my interest.  I think what that sexy actress looks like with her top off.  Perverted?  Of course.  Natural, I think so.  So for your reading pleasure, I submit five actresses I'd like to see naked.

Jennifer Love Hewitt:  I have had a crush on this girl since she burst onto the scene in Party of Five.  I've seen her in movies like, I Know What you did Last Summer, Can't Hardly Wait, and The Tuxedo.  Yet we haven't seen that giant, glorious rack unwrapped.  Dare to dream fellas, Dare to dream.

Katherine Heigl:  She became relevant because of Grey's Anatomy, then quit.  She had a huge hit in the 2007 comedy Knocked Up, then trashed it.  Yes, this chick is a huge diva, and a stupid bitch, but you can't deny hot.  We should hope her next role is in an erotic thriller.  Do it for us creepers, Katherine.

Emma Stone:  Emma has the distinction of being in two of my favorite movies:  Superbad, and Zombieland.  She comes across as the girl next door type, and reminds me of Lindsay Lohan.  Her latest film, Easy A, has garnered very strong reviews.  Make it Easy T &A and show us your goodies, dammit!

Megan Fox:  Although she is so hot its retarded, one has to wonder how much longer Fox can get work.  Jennifer's Body, a film I thought was vastly underrated, was ignored by moviegoers.  Jonah Hex was one of the biggest flops of the summer.  I guarantee a big hit if Megan shows of her twins in her next role.  She recently married former 90210 hack, Brian Austin Green.  Yo Megan, do you fuck anyone with talent?

Jessica Biel:  The girl played a goody-goody basketball player in 7th Heaven, then graduated to making terrible movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the A-Team.  Biel has one of the hottest bodies in all of Hollywood, we want more Biel!

Ok, fellow perverts, who do you have on your list?


  1. Beil and Fox were stolen off my list.

    Amanda Righetti from "The Mentalist"
    Deborah Ann Woll from "Trueblood"
    Ivana Milicevic from tons of shit you have probably seen. "just like heaven" and the like.

  2. If you meant now, I went with Jessica Biel. If you're talking about in her prime, I'd have voted for Hewitt, about 10 years ago. So friggin' hot, in "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Heartbreakers."