Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Band of the Week: A City Serene

Most "screamo" bands sound the same.  Making a trip to Warped Tour this year only confirmed that theory to myself.  One band that stood at the front was A City Serene.  These guys and girl, bring a heavy sound, with very melodic female vocals in between. 

A City Serene hails from my hometown of San Diego, CA, and has already faced much adversity along the way.  They were involved in a horrific crash along the dangerous Grapevine Highway that nearly claimed their young lives.

A lot of bands would have thrown in the towel, but A City Serene decided to move forward, and keep pursing their dream.  The band released their debut EP last year, entitled "The Art of Deceiving Perception," which is available through Itunes and

The EP opens up with the track "With Swords Crossed," featuring a mixture of melodic singing, screams, and breakdowns that makes you bang your head, but at the same time makes you sing along.

According to the band's myspace, the band has plans to record a full-length album, as well as tour.  The band hopes to have their full-length album by the Spring of 2011.  If it is as good as their debut, this band is poised to make their mark in the scene.  The band is also up for "best rock album" at the San Diego music awards.  Past nominees have included Blink 182, Switchfoot, As I Lay Dying among others.  So check out A City Serene, the Kevin Says Band of the Week!

A City Serene live at Warped Tour:
"With Swords Crossed" Video"

Lineup:  Carly Baker - Vocals

Xander Bourgeois - Vocals

Kris Renfro- Guitar

Michael Sherman - Guitar

Marc Koch - Bass/Vocals

Mike Buxbaum - Drums

Joe English - Drums (June 10'-present)


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  2. holy shi-...I just listen to one of their songs and...Damn, her voice is high pitch...