Sunday, September 26, 2010

Douchebag of the Week: Braylon Edwards

One of my major pet peeves are people who drive drunk.  There is absolutely no excuse for it.  I've known people who have gotten themselves in a ton of trouble for making that choice, and sadly, I have known people who lost their life in an accident involving drunk driving.  Which leads me to our "douchebag of the week", Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

Edwards was pulled over last week, in the middle of the night, with two of his Jets teammates.  Edwards proceeded to blow a .16, twice the legal limit.  He was subsequently arrested, and charged with DWI.

Later on in the day, Edwards showed up into court wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt. hardly professional attire for someone in the situation.  He had his drivers license suspended, and will have to appear in court in November.

Any athlete that drives drunk deserves to have the book thrown at him.  Vincent Jackson is a prime example:  He received two DUI's in a calender year, and was slapped with a three game suspension by Adolf Goodell, but personally I wouldn't have had a problem with more excessive punishment.  It's shameful that anyone would be so reckless, especially someone who should know better.

Edwards was famously partying with former Browns wideout 'Donte Stallworth last year, when Stallworth got behind the wheel intoxicated, and ended up hitting a man, killing him.  Stallworth didn't have intent to kill this man, but because of his foolishness, that man's blood will forever be on his hands.  Someone who witnessed a teammate, and a friend go through an ordeal like this, would surely learn their lesson.  Shame on Edwards for being such an idiot.

You can also look at Thomas Gallo, the man who is on trial for 2nd degree murder for the deaths of former Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, and his two friends last April.  Imagine Adenhart, coming off a brilliant effort against the Oakland A's, a dream finally fulfilled.  I'm sure he felt like a legitimate big leaguer, like he belonged in the show.  A few hours later, he's dead, because some selfish asshole decided getting behind the wheel of a car was a good idea.  A family lost a son, a brother, a friend.  Adenhart left with so much potential of his own, none of that will ever come to fruition, quite depressing if you ask me.

Edwards has every right to go out and have a good time, we all like to hit the bars, and have a couple of cocktails.  He could hire a driver, call a cab, or even dial up the service that the Jets organization runs for players that are out drinking.  Braylon has no rationalization, and no excuses for the poor judgment he exercised.

You're lucky this time Braylon.  It appears you won't face a suspension, and you will likely escape jail time.  You can't escape this blogger though, as you win "Douchebag of the week".  Hopefully you use the media backlash, as an opportunity to grow up, and take responsibility for your actions.

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