Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL preview!!!

Lord football is back everyone!  Just in time for the big game tonight, I bring you my NFL preview and predictions.  See how my picks compare to yours.  I have division winners, Super Bowl teams, and individual award winners.  Check it out!

AFC East (projected standings)
 *(wild card winner)

Kevin Says:  With the offensive weapons the Patriots have, I still have them taking the East.  Their defense is suspect, but Brady and Co. are always dynamic.  The Jets have a big question mark, and his name is Sanchez.  If he doesn't improve, the Jets are going nowhere.  The Dolphins should be very good as well, but how good, falls on the young shoulders of Chad Henne.  The Bills are awful, but C.J. Spiller should be fun to watch.

AFC North

Kevin Says:  The Ravens are going to be a dangerous team.  They always have a tough, physical defense, and Boldin gives Joe Flacco a good downfield weapon.  If the Steelers can survive without Big Ben, they will be in the mix as well.  A healthy Polamalu will go a long way.  The Bengals will be competitive, but I give a slight edge to the Steelers.  T.O. and Ochocinco will be fun at least.  The Browns are still rebuilding, but Delhomme is done as a starter in the league.  Bring on Colt Mccoy.

AFC South

Kevin Says:  It's so hard to bet against Peyton Manning.  He has a ton of weapons, and their defense is good enough to get by.  The Titans have Chris Johnson, but I don't buy Vince Young as a legitimate starting QB.  The Texans will be explosive on offense, but have question marks on defense, and the kicking game.  The Jaguars don't have enough talent to make an impact on this division.

AFC West

Kevin Says:  The Chargers, despite not having Marcus Mcneill and Vincent Jackson in camp, have the best team in the west.  Philip Rivers will be an MVP candidate, and Malcolm Floyd will emerge.  The Raiders will be better, but Jason Campbell isn't Ken Stabler.  The Chiefs are improving as well, but their front seven is still brutal.  The Broncos don't have enough weapons on offense to compete.

NFC East

The Cowboys have a lot of firepower, and on paper, have the best team in the NFC.  Romo has plenty of weapons, and Demarcus Ware is a beast on defense.  The Giants are still solid upfront on defense, and Eli Manning is a good QB.  The Eagles could be better, that depends on what Kevin Kolb ends up doing.  The Redskins brought in Donovan Mcnabb, but they don't have enough receivers for him to throw to.

NFC North

Kevin Says:  The Packers are legit.  Aaron Rodgers is one of the top QB's in the league, and they have a solid, albeit vulnerable defense.  The Vikings still have Favre and Adrian Peterson, and a great run defense.  The Bears will struggle, Cutler will throw a ton of picks.  The Lions are getting better, but still are fighting an uphill battle.  Matt Stafford looks like a keeper though.

AFC South

Kevin Says:  The Saints are the defending champs, and they have a ton of weapons on offense.  Drew Brees will continue his assault on the NFL.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons will be good, but not good enough.  The Panthers don't have a legitimate QB, and their record will reflect that.  The Bucs are rebuilding, and Raheem Morris might be the first coach of the year.

NFC West

The 49'ers win the worst division in football.  Frank Gore will lead the way for San Francisco.  The Seahawks start 65 year old Matt Hasselbeck, apparently Charile Whitehurst isn't the guy there.  The Cardinals will miss Kurt Warner, Derek Anderson is garbage.  The Rams have no one for Sam Bradford to throw to, especially since Donnie Avery is gone for the year.

Wild-Card Round:  Chargers over Steelers
                               Patriots over Jets
                                Cowboys over Giants
                                 Vikings over 49'ers

Divisional Round:  Ravens over Chargers
                             Colts over Patriots
                              Packers over Vikings
                               Cowboys over Saints

Championship Round:  Packers over Cowboys
                                    Colts over Ravens
Super Bowl:                    Packers over Colts

MVP:  Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
Defensive MVP:  Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49'ers
Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers
Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions
Coach of the Year:  John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

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