Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bush singer admits gay fling

In a story that shocked me a little, grunge rocker Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush, admitted he had a gay fling with drag queen singer Marilyn.  He admitted said affair while doing an interview with a British magazine.  According to the reports, Rossdale begged the magazine not to publish that portion of the interview, since his wife, popstar Gwen Stefani was not aware of his former flame.

Rossdale said the affair happened when he was just a teenager, and that it only happened "once."  Rossdale never spoke of this former lover, citing that he did not want to ruin his career as a musician.  Rossdale also said of the affair:  "You have to know what you like, and I know what I like."

When Marilyn, the other party involved in this torrid affair, claimed that he and Rossdale were involved in an affair for five years.  Culture Club frontthing Boy George wrote about this affair in his 1995 book, but Marilyn lied about to protect Rossdale.

While reading about this story from a few different sources, a couple of things jump out in my mind.  The first thing is the quote that Rossdale made.  I knew from a young age that I like women, I am pretty sure most straight men did as well, so the quote doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  If you decide to carry on an affair with a guy, that tells me you like penis.  I highly doubt that this happened "one time" and I would tend to believe that it was an ongoing thing.  Personally, I believe Marilyn's story that this was an much more than a one night stand.

Second, why would you admit this to a tabloid, but not tell your wife?  If it were me, that little discrepancy would go to the grave with me.  If I couldn't tell my own wife, I sure as hell wouldn't tell a magazine.  You can beg the publishers all you want, but you give them an inch and they will take a mile.  A few hours later, and this story is plastered all over the web, for bloggers like me to comment on.

Obviously Rossdale isn't gay.  He's married and has two kids with Gwen Stefani, and has a bastard daughter who is an English model.  My theory is this:  If you have sex with a man, then you are probably gay, what are your thoughts on this?  Either way, this is one of the funniest stories I've come across in a while.

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