Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Censorship at its finest: AMC pulls Hatchet 2

Hatchet 2, the horror-comedy that features over-the-top gore, has been pulled by AMC theatres for undisclosed reasons.  Hatchet 2, which was the first unrated film to be released nationally in over 25 years, grossed around $70,000 over the weekend. 

One of the reasons that the film may have been pulled, is because of the fact that the film is unrated.  At some theatres, security was required to stand outside of the screen and check Id's.  The film also only grossed about $900 a screen, which is not a very lofty total.  The film was not permitted to be advertised in major theaters because the film was unrated.

The film's director, Adam Green, wanted the film to be unrated, because Hatchet, released in 2006, was heavily edited by the time it made it to theatres.  In order to keep all the violence and gore intact, Green, and the film company Dark Skies, wanted the public to see the original intended product.

For anyone who has seen the original Hatchet, we see a lady's head ripped in half, and a guy have his spine torn out in completely over-the-top, unrealistic gore, in the vein of a grindhouse film.  The movie is a lot of fun, and isn't nearly as dark as some of the "torture porn" genre.

What the MPAA tells up, is that cartoonish gore, featured in Hatchet 2, is unacceptable, but it is perfectly acceptable to see realistic violence.  The Saw films depict torture, and The Last House on the Left featured a very graphic rape scene.  All things that you think would be censored over exploding body parts.  The Hatchet films are no worse than some of the other violent, mainstream films that studios release. 

The film will do well on DVD and pay-per-view, but it is a big kick to the groin of uncensored horror.  We as the public, should make the choice of the films that we want to see, and get to see the original vision of the filmmakers, and not the watered-down excrement the MPAA deems fit for our society.  Support this film on DVD when it is released.

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