Friday, October 29, 2010

Douchebag of the Week: Jenn Sterger

This woman has been in the media way too much for my liking.  A lot of you might not even know who she is.  Well she is TV personality(although her show on Versus was just axed) and she alleged that former Jets quarterback, and current Minnesota gunslinger Brett Favre sent her pictures of his "manhood," an event that left her traumatized, and distraught. 

Brett also left her voicemail's while with the Jets, and it has been reported that the pair regularly texted, and that on more than one occasion, Favre tried to get Sterger to come to his hotel room.  The several reports I have read, never stated if Favre and Sterger "hooked up," and all we can do at this point is speculate.  In an article on, a friend of Sterger claims that she and Sterger both looked at the picture and laughed about it.  That definitely contradicts the report that Sterger was traumatized by the alleged picture of the penis.

Let me state, that I am not a fan of Favre at all, I feel it is my duty to stick up for guys everywhere.  First of all, Favre is married, and shouldn't be sexting with anyone but his wife.  Perhaps he and Deanna have some kind of understanding, Favre's love of booze and women has been well-documented in the past.  Favre is not innocent in this situation by any means, but from the experience I have in sexting, here is how something probably went down.

Favre and Sterger are texting, the subjects are without a doubt "flirty" in nature.  Favre sees an opening, like Antonio Freeman breaking away from a safety, and decides to take a shot with Sterger.  He thinks to himself, "I think she wants to bone, I'll pull down these Wranglers, and show her my dick.  She will be turned on, and reciprocate with a picture of those jugs.  Holla!"

So Brett snaps a pic of his penis, at a good angle, so it appears bigger than it actually is, and sends that shit.  Sterger receives it, and maybe reciprocates back, or perhaps she kills the conversation at that point, who really knows.  The bottom line is, I really don't believe that Favre would randomly send her a picture of his junk, she was probably openly flirting with the guy.

The bottom line is, Sterger is putting all of this in the media, to boost her status, and make a quick buck.  Before this scandal, I'm sure 97 % of the general public had no idea who she was.  She has some crappy show on Versus no one watches, and viewed this situation as a potential payday.  It could lead to a reality show, a lucrative offer to pose in Playboy, or she could look for a seven figure settlement out of court.  Bottom line is, this chick is a dumb whore looking to cash in on this new-found publicity.  

When you don't have talent, and your probably not very intelligent, yet you are ridiculously hot like Sterger is, you gotta cash in when you see the chance.  Sterger's shity show on Versus maybe history, but no worries Jen, as "Douchebag of the Week lives forever!"  Congrats Jen!

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