Saturday, October 2, 2010

Douchebag of the Week: Thomas Gallo

Thomas Gallo
Imagine, your only dream was to become a pitcher in the show.  Ever since you were a small child, it consumed your every thought.  Every day at the playground, you and your buddies would play until the teacher blew the whistle for you to pack it in.  Over time, you actually discover you're pretty damn good, you play in High School, and eventually you are drafted by a major league team.  You work your way through the minors, and finally, you get the chance you have waited your whole life for.  You struggle in your first taste of big league action, but determined to stick, you have a good spring, and make the opening day roster.  In your first outing of the year, you pitch well, battle for six innings without giving up a run.  Your pumped, after all those years, all those practices, all the nights of wondering whether you are cut out for this game, you know that you are right where you belong.  You are in the starting rotation of a big league game.  Three hours later, your dead, all on the selfish accord of some loser you have never met.  For Nick Adenhart, this is the sad story of his short life.  Taking well before his time, all because some loser got drunk, decided to drive and plow into the car you were on.  Everything you ever worked for is gone forever.

Thomas Gallo, a then 22 year old man went out drinking with step brother.  Mr. Gallo who had a prior DUI on his record, got behind the wheel of his minivan, and plowed into the car of Courtney Stewart, killing her and Henry Pearson instantly.  Nick Adenhart passed away in surgery, and the lone survivor Jon Whilette was internally decapitated, and faces an uphill battle in his recovery.  Gallo then, jumped out his car, ran a few miles down the road, and called police, saying that his car was stolen.  His first act wasn't to see what had happened to the vehicle he t-boned, no it was to run away and save his own ass.  While this coward ran, three lives ended way too soon.

Earlier this week, Gallo was convicted of three counts of second degree murder, and will face 55 years to life.  Three promising lives ended, Nick a MLB pitcher, Courtney, a student at Cal-State Fullerton, and Henry Pearson, a law student.  The lone survivor has a permanent reminder of that fateful night, both physical and emotional scars that may never heal.  Gallo, an alcoholic, and a murderer gets to live on, albeit behind bars, but it's more life than the other three murder victims will get to experience.

Nick Adenhart 1986-2009
Part of me feels really bad for Gallo, I doubt he got behind the wheel that night, and decided that he was going to smash into a vehicle, and kill as many people as he could.  Then the overwhelming majority says Gallo got everything he deserved.  He drove with a blood-alcohol limit of .017, twice the legal limit.  He received a prior DUI, and signed a contract stating that he could end a life, as part of his alcohol counseling.  So Gallo is fully responsible.  The blood of these three people will be forever on his hands.

All these families lost a son, a daughter, a friend.  We as baseball fans were robbed of watching Nick Adenhart grow as a pitcher.  He was the top-ranked pitching prospect in the Angels system, and could have been the next Felix Hernandez or Zack Grienke.  His Major League statistics will always be incomplete, promise never fulfilled.

I like these articles to be fun, but writing this, has pissed me off.  I implore all of you, if you drink, don't drive.  You could end your life, or the lives of someone else.  Be smart, or you could end up like Thomas Gallo, forever branded a murderer, and the latest "Kevin Says, Douchebag of the Week."

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