Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mike Zimmer calls Bobby Petrino a "gutless bastard"

My apologizes, as this happened a few days ago, but life has been very busy for me.  However, this story is so damn funny that I had to give my take on it.

Mike Zimmer, the current defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals, commented on current Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino.  Zimmer was on Petrino's staff, when Petrino coached the Atlanta Falcons for 13 games in 2007.

Petrino got the job with the Falcons, after having a very successful run as a Head Coach with the University of Louisville.  He signed a large contract to move on to the NFL, but abruptly quit, and took the job in Arkansas.

Zimmer told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "He is a gutless bastard, you can print that, I don't give a shit."

When told that they might not be able to print the word "bastard," Zimmer replied with:  "How about "MF" you can print that."

I love honesty in professional sports.  One reason why I hate interview-driven shows, is that almost everyone in sports gives off cliches for answers.  It just doesn't make for compelling radio or television.  I completely agree with Zimmer, Petrino couldn't even face his players or other coaches, and took off for another job.  If he wanted to leave, he should have acted like a man.  I applaud Zimmer for having the balls to tell the truth in this situation.

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