Sunday, October 24, 2010

Movies to make your Halloween Scarier: Inside

While most of you have heard of the first entry into this series, I bet most of you missed this little gem, 2007's Inside.  Inside is a French horror film, and is probably one of the single most disturbing films I have ever seen.  Most horror films have a tendency to slow down a bit, and let you catch your breath.  Well, this film, after the first 10 minutes, never takes it's foot off of the gas pedal.  The film features suspense that will make your heart explode in your chest, and gore that you will make you want to toss your cookies.

The film opens up with a shot of a baby inside the womb, and the baby looks as if it recoils.  An expectant mother is in a car crash, which claims the life of her husband.  The film then fast-forwards to a moody and depressed Sarah(the main character, and protagonist) on Christmas Eve, as she awaits the birth of her child.  Later that evening, a strange, mysterious woman shows up at Sarah's door, asking to use the phone to call for assistance.  Sarah does not want to be bothered, so she tells the woman that her husband is asleep upstairs, but our mysterious stranger tells Sarah that she knows her husband is dead.

Sarah believes that this strange ordeal is over, and she retires to her bedroom to get some rest.  She awakens to find the stranger trying to puncture her stomach with a pair of scissors.  The rest of the film is a battle of survival between Sarah, the mysterious woman, and the people who arrive to help Sarah out of her ordeal, including police, co-workers, and her own Mother.  The ending is quite graphic, and a little unexpected.

Due to the premise and graphic violence of the film, it was widely ignored in America, although most horror sites call this film one of the best horror films of the 2000's.  It is unrelenting, and one of the scariest films I've ever seen.  This film is an absolute masterpiece of horror cinema, and belongs in the same breath as the classics.  Get you ass to Best Buy, or, and check out Inside today.  Although, I wouldn't recommend it if you are pregnant.

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