Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Movies to make your Halloween Scarier: Halloween 3, Season of the Witch

Ok, maybe I am bias.  I am a big fan of the Halloween series.  I believe it is the greatest horror franchise around.  Halloween 3 though, is definitely the bastard of the series.  It was panned by critics, and ignored by fans.  The main reason is simple:  no Michael Myers. 

After John Carpenter wrapped up 1981's Halloween 2, he wanted to end the saga of Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis, and Laurie Strode.  Carpenter intended the Halloween series to become an anthology, a different Halloween story each year.  An idea that sounds pretty rad on paper, but ask anyone the number one problem with this film is, and most will give you the same answer:  no Michael Myers.  Myers was supposed to be dead and buried, until they basically brought him back from the dead in Halloween 4(my all time favorite movie).  Anyway, the premise of Halloween 3:  Season of the Witch is simple, an evil corporation wants to kill children and punish society, by creating Halloween masks that explode when triggered by a television commercial.  The movie also has some pretty crazy death scenes.

In an early scene in the movie, an old man's skull is pulled apart, in a scene that might have given Quentin Tarantino his first erection.  There's another scene where the lower half of a woman's face is melted off by a laser.  There's many more to speak of, but lets get back to a brief plot synopsis.

Dr. Don Challis, a divorced Dad along with Ellie Grimbridge start investigating the strange men that were seen at the hospital where Dan works, and Ellie's father was murdered.  Their digging leads to small town and our antagonist Conal Cochran, where Challis learns of his evil scheme, and tries to stop him.

Like I mentioned earlier, this film gets a ton of shit, simply for being called Halloween 3.  If the film were called Season of the Witch, I think it would have a different legacy.  The film grossed around $14 million on a modest $2.5 million budget.  It was considered a disappointment however, as the previous installments made $53 million, and $26 million respectively.

If you like horror, with a sci-fi feel, check out Halloween 3:  Season of the Witch.  It reminds me a bit of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  I feel that you will find this film is quite underrated.

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