Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movies to make your Halloween scarier: Intruder

Intruder is a pretty obscure horror film from 1989.  It boasts Bruce Campbell(Evil Dead series) and Sam Raimi(Spider-man director) as the stars of this film, although both of them have bit parts in the film.  The rest of the people are actors I've never heard of, but that's not really important.  What is important, however, is that this film has the ingredients that every solid horror movie needs:  creepy music, creative deaths, and unexpected plot turns.  The movie ends up being quite surprising, and is quite good, so lets run down the basics.

The entire film takes place in a grocery store, during the graveyard hours.  The night crew is just arriving, and they are ready to stock shelves, and clean up after people.  As a retail worker I can relate.  One of the main characters, Jennifer, has a crazy boyfriend that won't leave her alone.  He calls constantly, and shows up at the store, prompting another female employee to contact the police.  Like any quintessential 80's douchebag, he comes complete with a leather jacket, greasy hair, and a fruity-looking earring.

The aforementioned grocery store is owned by two men, who call all the employees to a meeting.  They break the news to the workers, that they are selling off the store, and they are all out of jobs, so the remaining work that they will be doing, will be to mark down prices, and close up shop.

As the film continues, someone is feeling rather murderous.  The deaths are brutal and creative.  My favorites include a person getting their face sliced in half with an electric meat slicer, and another person has their head crushed by a trash compactor.  The killer then leaves body parts all over the store, in a rather comedic fashion.  You even see a person getting smacked around with a severed head.

Like I mentioned, the film has many twists, and the killer isn't immediately revealed.  The movie is an absolute blast, and is very entertaining.  Throw this in your Netflix queue, because you aren't likely to find it in stores.  Go check out Intruder this Halloween!


  1. The movie also is known by the title _Night Crew: The Final Check-out_