Monday, November 8, 2010

Accessory to Murder?

As I finish up my associates degree as a communication major, I am also wrapping up the General Education classes, in which I take useless classes like music appreciation and modern American history.  I also am currently enrolled in my least favorite class, biology.  While science is inherently interesting, having to memorize all the parts of the digestive system is about as fun as getting a blowie from Richard Simmons.  In the lab section, we are in the part of the section where we get to cut up dead animals, and stick our hands in their entrails.  Pretty gross, and hardly educational in my opinion.  Dissecting an already dead animal is one thing, dissecting an animal while its still alive is something different altogether. 

Last week in class, we were doing a lab on the circulatory system, the bitch brought out some disturbing shit.  She busted out two live frogs, puts them in a solution that essentially puts them to sleep, and fifteen minutes later, we have unconscious, drunk frogs.  Then the crazy bitch want us to dissect these poor bastards, so we can see their hearts beating.

She calls on two volunteers, who are going to cut up these frogs, while we all watch and take notes.  I am no animal rights activist by any means, but this whole situation seemed kinda fucked up to me.  It is one thing to dissect something while it is dead, but cutting up a frog while still technically alive seemed a little unnecessary, and a little cruel.

I was sitting at my desk, while the frogs were in their beaker of death, and I thought about being their hero.  That shitty Enrique Iglesias song ran through my head, then an image of him banging Anna Kournikova, and then back to the situation at hand.  I could casually, and awkwardly stumble to the front of the class, knock over the beaker, and spare the frogs their miserable little lives, while I protest my innocence to the professor.  But, alas, I sat there, and felt sorry for these poor bastards.

As the class period progressed the volunteers cut into the frogs, sending blood flowing out.  Dead frogs don't bleed like that.  The tongue was pulled out, so it can be observed under a microscope.  The chest was exposed, and the heart was still beating.  The girl doing the cutting then casually ripped it out, and held it in her hand.  It was kind of gross, but it honestly pissed me off more than anything.  Did we really have to murder animals, just to see a beating heart?  Aren't their thousands of hours of video on the Internet that serve the same purpose?  Am I just being a vagina about the whole situation?  Either way, this professor is one crazy bitch!

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  1. i think you just havent gotten over the mortality hump of watching things die.its an animal, and not even a sentient one. id be completely fascinated to watch it and bear witness to the wonders of life in action.murder is a term given to humans and police dogs. that animal died to give people an up close and personal experience with life.