Saturday, November 6, 2010

Douchebag of the Week: Kevin Garnett

There were a couple of ways that I could have gone with this week's posting, I contemplated going with Brad Childress, but I decided to go in the direction of the Boston Celtics, and Kevin Garnett.

For those of you who haven't been following the saga of Kevin Garnett, he told Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva that he "looked like a cancer patient."

Villanueva suffers from a condition, in which he is unable to grow hair on his head, and Villanueva spends much of his free time speaking with kids.  Villanueva went to twitter, and tweeted that Garnett is a bully, and that the "cancer smack" was completely inappropriate.

I have never liked Garnett, he is a punk, who seems to only go after players that are smaller than him.  You aren't likely to see Garnett mix it up with a large center, but rather smaller players like Anthony Peeler, a guard much smaller than Garnett.  When forced to mix it up with Zaza Pachulia, KG backed off like a little bitch.

I'm not saying that Villanueva is a victim here.  The dude should have gotten in KG's face, as opposed to posting a message on a social networking site.  He should come out and stick his fist in KG's jaw.

Garnett continues to stain his legacy.  The guy is going to be in the basketball Hall-of-Fame someday, yet he continues to play like a thug.  He swings at players, and he runs his mouth.  It is one thing to talk trash, and swear at each other, but cancer smack is completely uncalled for.

The solution is for KG is to apologize to Villanueva, and make a donation to Cancer research.  Perhaps Garnett can visit the St. Jude Hospital, were hundreds of kids battle cancer.  Most have no hair, or can barely walk.  Maybe then, he will see the impact his ignorance has.

Kevin Garnett, you are nothing more than a classless thug, and our newest Douchebag of the Week.