Sunday, November 21, 2010

Douchebag of the Week: Terrell Owens

Excuse for being a little late with this one, folks.  It's been a crazy week for me, full of work and term papers.  But anyway, let's dive in.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been an absolute joke this year, standing with a 2-8 record, after an embarrassing loss to the hapless Buffalo Bills.  Owens has had a Pro Bowl caliber year, so his on-field play is not the reason why he won the award.  No folks, Owens wins for opening his mouth via twitter last week.

Owens criticized former teammate, and current Washington Redskins quarterback for his shotty play, in the Redskins meltdown last week at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Owens took to twitter and said:  "How do you justify a $78 million dollar contract with this kind of performance."

It's one thing to criticize another player's performance.  Usually players tend to shy away from such things, as to not give another team extra motivation.  It was further fueled by the fact that Mcnabb and Owens have a tumultuous history together, with a very public divorce several years ago.  However, this is not the reason why I selected Owens for this week's award.  No, Owens wins it for blaming the tweet on his "brother."

Owens later tweeted later, "I see my brother got you all riled up, haha."

Hey TO, that is a super weak excuse.  I love when athletes and public figures say stupid things in the media.  TO is entertaining, and is always good for a memorable quote, or for his often erratic behavior.  But dude, saying your "brother" wrote that from your account is beyond lame.  If you have the balls to speak up, be ready for the backlash.  Be prepared to back up your rhetoric with a compelling argument, or a memorable quote.  Please don't make up an excuse as a cop out.

Personally, I believe that Owens' act is starting to wear thin.  The Bungles are terrible, and his talk show with Ochocinco is a disaster.  Despite his tremendous numbers, teams may shy away from Owens in the offseason for stupid statements like this, and the circus act that comes with the production. 

I believe that a person should stand behind what they mean.  If I said something on this level, I would either apologize for my ignorance, or stand by what I said.  By backtracking, TO, in my humble opinion, looks like a complete pussy. 

You have no shot an the MVP award this year Terrell, but you will win at least one award this year:  Douchebag of the Week!

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