Friday, November 12, 2010

Douchebags of the week: Brad Childress & Dave Meggett

I had a hard time choosing between these two dopes, so I figured I would include them both.  One is just an idiot, while the other one is now a convicted felon.

Chidress' look-alike Mr. Peanut
It is almost impossible to turn on ESPN, or turn on sports talk radio without hearing about the Brett Favre, and Brad Childress saga.  We all witnessed Childress(who bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Peanut) fly to Mississippi, and beg Brett Favre to return to the Vikings.  Childress knew that his fate as an NFL coach was tied to the 'ole gunslinger, the chronic sexter, or whatever nickname you prefer.  As soon as Favre regressed to a terrible QB, Childress was quick to throw him under the bus.  No wonder this clown is about as popular as a herpes-infested prostitute.  The guy is such a bum on the sideline that the Vikings nearly fired him after the way he handled the Randy Moss situation.  This clown is a terrible coach, and deserves to be whacked post haste. 

Now we move on to former Super Bowl champion Dave Meggett.  A man that had a pretty successful career in the NFL that spanned ten seasons.  Well add a new title to the resume:  Convicted rapist.

Meggett was sentenced to 30 years on prison, for criminal sexual assault, and burglary.  The victim claimed that she owed Meggett $200, and he decided to force intercourse on her as a down payment.  He choked his victim, and got rough with her in other ways.  Meggett failed to testify on his behalf, a move that analysts predict led to his downfall.

So let me get this straight, Dave.  This girl owed you $200, and you decided to rape her.  I mean, what is the thought process on this?  "Hmm, bitch owes me money, she can't pay it, so I'll just rape her."

Meggett has had a history of legal trouble, and clearly isn't the smartest man around.  I know the guy hasn't played on the league in 12 years, but is he really that desperate to recoup $200.  On the flipside, he can make $200 in about 6 months scrubbing toilets and making license plates.  At least he will make the prison football team more competitive.

Both men are hated for their actions, and they are now "Douchebags of the Week!"

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