Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Kevin Says top 20 MLB Free Agents

As we ease towards the cold, snowy winters, baseball's hot stove league heats up.  This year's class isn't particularly deep at any one position, but there are some intriguing names to be had.  I have compiled my top 20 free agents, and where I think they will go.  It's all speculation on my part, so I doubt I will get many correct.  So let's dive right in!

1.  Cliff Lee-Rangers:  The guy is arguably the best pitcher in baseball, but struggled for the Rangers in the World Series, and had a 3.98 ERA after he was dealt to Texas.  That being said, he will definitely sign the biggest deal of the offseason.  My prediction:  Yankees, 6 years, $120 million.

2.  Carl Crawford-Rays:  The best position player out there, he has it all.  He hit .300 last year with 19 HR's 90 RBI's and 47 steals.  He also led the AL with 13 triples, and is great defensively.  An asset to whomever is lucky to sign him.  My prediction:  Angels, 6 years, $90 million.

3.  Jayson Werth-Phillies:  Don't get me wrong, Werth is a nice player, but I feel he's a bit overrated.  He plays in a band box, and is surrounded by All-Stars.  He has great power, and is solid in right, but has never driven in 100 RBI's.  He could be a great singing, or a colossal bust.  However, the raw tools are there.  My prediction:  Red Sox, 6 years, $90 million.

4.  Adam Dunn-Nationals:  Dunn is a tremendous power hitter, he has hit 38 HR's each of the last two years, and draws a ton of walks, but is a liability in the field, and strikes out a ton.  Could be a fit in the AL where he can DH.  My prediction:  Cubs, 4 years, $60 million.

5.  Adrian Beltre- Red Sox:  Beltre had his finest season since 2004, hitting .321 with 28 HR's.  He is also a tremendous infielder defensively.  He seemed motivated in a contract year, which could be scary for teams making a long-term investment.  My prediction:  Orioles, 3 years, $45 million.

6.  Mariano Rivera-Yankees:  The greatest closer of all-time had a typical season, with 33 saves, and a 1.80 ERA.  There is no way in hell he leaves the Bronx.  My prediction:  Yankees:  3 years, $45 million.

7.  Derek Jeter-Yankees:  If he weren't Jeter, he would be in the same position as Edgar Renteria, looking for a one-year deal, but since he's an icon, he will be back in pinstripes.  A great leader, and a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer.  My prediction:  Yankee, 3 years, $51 million.

8.  Victor Martinez-Red Sox:  One of the best hitting catchers in baseball, Martinez can also play first, and he doesn't kill you defensively.  He also makes great contact, a solid all-around player.  My prediction:  Tigers, 4 years, $48 million.

9.  Rafael Soriano-Rays:  Soriano had a huge year last year, leading the American League in saves, and allowed just 5.2 hits per 9 innings.  The best closer on the market, since Mo isn't going anywhere.  My prediction:  Angels, 3 years, $37 million.

10.  Carlos Pena-Rays:  He led the AL in homers just a year ago, but slumped horribly in 2010, hitting just .196, but still hammered 29 HR's.  Might have to take a one year deal to re-establish his value, but could be a shrewd pickup for someone.  My prediction:  Nationals, 1 year, $7 million.

11.  Hiroki Kuroda-Dodgers:  Had a losing record last year, but posted a 3.39 ERA in almost 200 innings.  Is a solid #3 on a good staff.  My prediction:  Cardinals:  2 years, $18 million.

12.  Jake Westbrook-Cardinals:  Was solid after the Cardinals acquired him at the trade deadline. Could be useful in a pitchers ballpark, and behind a solid infield defense.  My prediction:  Nationals, 2 years, $15 million.

13.  Carl Pavano-Twins:  The guy was a horse last year, throwing 221 innings, with a 3.75 ERA.  Has established himself as a solid starter after being a huge bust with the Yankees.  My prediction:  Twins, 3 years, $30 million.

14.  Andy Pettitie-Yankees:  Pettitte was an All-Star once again in 2010, and likely will pitch for the Yankees, if he decides to pitch at all.  My prediction:  Yankees: 1 year, $14 million.

15.  Paul Konerko-White Sox:  Had a huge 2010, slugging 39 HR's and had a .584 slugging percentage.  Could possibly reach the 400 HR plateau in 2011.  My prediction:  Diamondbacks:  3 years, $42 million.

16.  Aubrey Huff-Giants:  Was the best offensive player on the Giants World Series Championship team last year.  Can play a little outfield as well as 1st.  Hit 26 bombs in a pitchers park.  My prediction:  Giants:  2 years, $16 million.

17.  Jon Garland-Padres:  Posted the lowest ERA of his career in 2010, pitching 200 innings in Petco Park.  Always puts up 200 solid innings, although he walked a lot of batters last year.  My prediction:  Rockies, 2 years, $16 million.

18.  Orlando Hudson-Twins:  Had a bit of a down year, but is a solid #2 hitter, with an above average glove.  Capable of putting up a .350 OBP.  My prediction:  Padres, 1 year, $6 million.

19.  Manny Ramirez-White Sox:  Probably nothing more that a DH in this stage of his career. Slugged just .319 in 86 AB with the Sox.  My prediction:  Blue Jays:  1 year, $7 million.

20.  Jorge De La Rosa-Rockies:  Dude has electric stuff, throws left-handed, and has great strikeout numbers.  However, he seems like an Oliver Perez clone.  My prediction:  Brewers, 2 years, $16 million.

Magglio Ordonez, Juan Uribe, Kerry Wood.

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