Friday, December 10, 2010

JT the Brick's idiocy knows no bounds

As many of you know, I have been very critical of nationally syndicated radio host JT the Brick.  He pollutes the airwaves every weeknight, and he is so bad that I have reverted to listening to political talk radio while I go to sleep.  His incompetence was quite comical with his latest tweet:  "Crawford to Red Sox means Yankees must now land Cliff Lee.  Red Sox are out of control spenders.  You going to debate that point?"

Hmm, a self-proclaimed Yankee homer is calling another organization "out of control spenders?"  The Yankees had a $206 million payroll in 2010, which was about $44 million more than the Boston Red Sox.  The Yankees are synonymous with big spending, as they have handed out several large, ridiculous contracts over the years.  Four of the top ten contracts of all-time have been handed to Yankees, and Cliff Lee could potentially make it five out of ten.

This article isn't meant to bash either organization, I as a avid baseball fan, have a great deal of respect and admiration for both franchises.  JT was the same dope who said that the Yanks don't need Cliff Lee, and they should go to bat with the guys that they do have.  He also believed that Jeter should be paid whatever he felt was necessary.  Sure, lets hand a blank check to a 36 year old shortstop coming off of his worst year.  That isn't out of control spending, though since his precious Yankees are doing it.

Whenever I listen to his crappy and boring show, I feel like I'm listening to Yankee talk.  He is almost as bad with the constant Raider propaganda.  All I want for Christmas is for Fox Sports Radio to exile this dope.

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