Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lebron returns to Cleveland

In an event that was hyped up unlike any regular season NBA game I have ever seen, the "chosen one" made his glorious return to Cleveland, where he rose to stardom.  Aside from a chorus of boos, it wasn't much of a contest, as Miami cruised to a 118-90 victory.

Cleveland won 60 games last year with Lebron, and his cast of role players, but when Bron Bron took his talents to South Beach, he left the Cavs with one of the worst rosters in the NBA.  I pride myself in being a knowledgeable sports fan, but I had to google a couple of their starters.  Guys like Joey Graham and Anthony Parker aren't going to scare the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference.

Lebron played like a man on a mission, scoring 38 points, to go with 5 rebounds, and 8 assists.  He went 15-25, much to the dismay of Cleveland die-hards everywhere.

When watching this game, I thought, how is Byron Scott not a frontrunner for Coach of the Year?  The dude is 7-11 with a roster full of scrubs.  The team fought hard in the first quarter, but looked like they just couldn't match up with Lebron and friends.

I really feel for Cleveland, it is one thing for the most prominent athlete in your towns history to leave, but its got to be gut-wrenching for him to embarrass you on ESPN.  The Heat should enjoy this win, because it has no chance hanging with Boston in the playoffs.  Their frontline is simply too deep for the likes of Joel Anthony to handle.

Also, if I'm Anderson Varajeo, I'm sticking my elbow in Lebron's jaw.  Cleveland played him way too softly, if J.J. Hickson knocks out one of Lebron's teeth, I'm sure Dan Gilbert wouldn't mind picking up the tab on that fine.

Hey Cleveland, at least you got Indians baseball to look forward to.  

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