Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Thoughts: Pornstars

Over the last few months, I have been very active on Twitter, a social networking website I once shunned.  Over on Twitter, I follow many pornstars, because well, I love porn.  It seems like every pornstar in the free world tweets, most of them plugging their website, or trying to get you to vote for them on some website.  It also gives me an opportunity to interact with them, and learn about their lifestyle.  Man, I have to tell you, pornstars are some strange, sensitive creatures.

Pornstars brag about their sexual exploits quite frequently.  Taking on multiple dudes, being covered in bodily fluids, and all the like.  Yet, they call fans names, and block them, when a fan makes a sexually suggestive remark.  A comment telling the pornstar what you would like to do them, could cause them to block you, and her followers verbally assaulting you.  Point taken.

I have also learned that many pornstars have "gift lists."  This is where your favorite pornslut, makes a list of items, such as: sexy lingerie, gift cards, electronics, and everything else in between.  Then pathetic losers buy items on these lists.  So you drop $50 bucks on a bra, in hopes that this pornstar will give you a shoutout on her site.  Yeah, totally worth it.  It's bad enough that most of these ladies charge $30 bucks a month for access to their site, and then people are stupid enough to buy them presents.  Unless I'm getting a special ride for my troubles, count me out.

My favorite conversation with a pornstar took place a few months ago, and a sort of pseudo interview with said pornstar.  I asked her if I paid her the going rate for what she does on screen, would she bang me and a couple pf my friends.  The pornstar was greatly offended, and blocked me.  What?  So it is ok for a pornstar to take three guys, and possibly a few farm animals on screen, yet the simple, casual proposition, was dismissed entirely, and taken as a sign of disrespect.  Funny, I figured the proposition of me and my buddies running a train on this busty young lady, sans the camera, would have been a treat for her.  Plus, she gets paid her on-screen rate for the encounter.  Sounds like a win-win, if I have ever seen one.

So next time you decide to interact with a pornstar, do buy her gifts, and suscribe to her website.  Do not treat her like a sex object.  Sounds like us male consumers of porn are the ones that are getting fucked here.

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