Friday, September 3, 2010

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Douchebag of the Week: Jesse James

Taken from
Heavily tattooed reality star Jesse James has been involved in the news lately.  He was the star of the show, "Monster Garage," a show I have never watched.  He didn't come to my attention, until it was announced that he was marrying superstar Sandra Bullock.  Before that, he was married to porn star Janine, and some other broad before that.

James and Bullock were involved in a very ugly, and very public divorce just a few months ago.  He allegedly engaged in infidelity with numerous, heavily tattooed models.  There was even a pic of one of his ladies dressed up as a Nazi, apparently since Jesse is down with that.

If you readers haven't been following the saga of this low-life, apparently now he is dating tattoo slut Kat Von D.  They came out in public last night at a gathering for her tattoo work. 

First of all, after a very public divorce, which he basically spat in the face of the most popular actress, you would think that dude might want to lay low for a little bit.  Stepping out at a big Hollywood event is probably not going to make the negative image of you dissipate.  But as the old cliche goes, "There's no such thing as bad publicity," and Jesse is definitely all over the web.

The funniest part of this whole charade was Jesse whining to the press, "I deserve a chance to be happy."  Dude come on, you crushed America's Sweetheart, and now you want to be a martyr?  The best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut, your only digging yourself a bigger hole.

Also, check out the pic on this article, that I saw on the TMZ site.  Doesn't Kat look a.)  a little fat, or b.) preggers?

So give it up for Jesse James, you truly are a scumbag, and more importantly, your the newest "Douchebag of the Week!"

Chargers acquire Patrick Crayton from the Cowboys

The Chargers acquired more depth to account for the absence of Vincent Jackson, acquiring Patrick Crayton from the Dallas Cowboys, in exchange for a 7th round pick.

Crayton, who was the odd man out in Dallas, thanks to the drafting of Dez Bryant, should provide depth for the Bolts, behind starters Malcolm Floyd and Legedu Naanee.

In 2009 Crayton had 37 receptions for 622 yards, to go with 5 TD's.  Crayton also has the ability to return punts, a skill that could come in handy, in case Darren Sproles goes down with an injury.

Kevin Says:  I like this move for the Bolts.  Crayton has some big play ability, and gives San Diego a veteran presence where it was desperately needed.  It will be interesting who the Chargers keep at receiver.  Floyd, Crayton, Naanee, and Buster Davis are locks, with Jeremy Williams, Josh Reed and Seyi Ajirotu could be on the outside looking in.

Hottest girls in Rock!

If you are anything like me, you love to rock out to some killer tunes.  I love metal, punk, and even some pop.  I have also noticed an influx of not only females playing in bands, but there are a ton of women who are fronting bands.  A lot of them are terrible, but there are some who deserve your attention.

But beyond the talents that these ladies show, they are all hot!  Who doesn't love a sexy girl that you can rock with?  I have wracked my feeble brain, trying to compile a list of hot girls that are actually in bands I can listen to without stabbing my ears.  So you won't see the luscious Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, since I can't stand them.  You also won't see Angela Glascow of Arch Enemy, or Candace from Walls of Jericho.  So without further delay, here's my top 7 hottest chick in rock!

Featured in Revolver magazine

7. Alexia & Anissa Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill: These sisters lead the Tempe, Arizona metalcore band, Eyes Set to Kill. The band has released 3 albums, and was on Warped Tour 2010. Alexia is the lead guitarist and clean vocalist, while Anissa plays bass. Either way, both of them are babes, and the music is good as well!

6. Hayley Williams of Paramore: The frontwoman of the highly successful pop-rockers Paramore, has always been a crush of mine. She comes across as a sweet, cute girl-next-door. I dig the gap teeth, its always attractive to me when a girl is slightly flawed. This girl is sexy and immensely talented.

5.  Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter:  A beautiful girl armed with the ability to write amazing lyrics and actually write her own songs, is a keeper in my book.  Automatic Loveletter is one of my favorite bands, and 24-year-old Juilet is just as beautiful as she is talented.  This girl is going places.
4.  Kristin Randall:  Formerly of Winds of Plague:  Kristin only played in Winds of Plague for two years, playing keyboards on last year's "The Great Stone War."  She also jumped into the ground at live shows, providing background screams.  The chick is tatted up, and hot!

3. Maria Brink of In This Moment:  In This Moment has risen to stardom in the metal world, appearing on Ozzfest, and the 2010 Mayhem Tour.  The heavily tatted frontwomen is fun to look at as well.

2.  Sierra Kusterbeck of Versaemerge:  Sierra is the frontwoman of the Florida based band Versaemerge.  They played the 2010 Warped Tour, and are poised for big things.  The girl is also an absolute knockout, as well as having a tremendous voice.

1.  Marta of Bleeding Through:  Marta is the keyboardist in hardcore stalwarts Bleeding Through.  She has provided her work on their last three albums, and is a big part of their European style metal sounds on their latest album.  She also brings amazing beauty, as she reminds me of a pin-up chick, with amazing lips and a killer body.  What a combination!

Now that you have seen what the ladies of rock have to offer, who's your pick for hottest chick in rock?  Is there anyone I failed to mention, or someone who was chosen that you don't agree with?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to you all!

I am about to hit 1,000 pagehits, which doesn't seem like much, but is still pretty meaningful to me.  I have gotten tons of positive feedback from dozens of people, and its pretty awesome to know that I provided someone with entertainment, and brought a smile to your face.  The reason i started this blog was a.) a creative outlet for myself, b) a chance to share my opinion with the world, and c) to hopefully entertain someone.

So far, after about 6 weeks in the game, I feel pretty good.  While I haven't really had the time to update this thing as much as I'd like, but hopefully you will keep popping in.  I have also noticed through the stats that google has provided me, that I've been getting page hits from Germany, Isreal, South Korea, and Austraila.  I hope you guys continue to read, and I would like to hear from you.

I want to generate as much traffic as possible, the internet can be an amazing thing, so spread the word, and I will continue to share my work with all of you.  Cheers and many thanks!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Band of the Week: A City Serene

Most "screamo" bands sound the same.  Making a trip to Warped Tour this year only confirmed that theory to myself.  One band that stood at the front was A City Serene.  These guys and girl, bring a heavy sound, with very melodic female vocals in between. 

A City Serene hails from my hometown of San Diego, CA, and has already faced much adversity along the way.  They were involved in a horrific crash along the dangerous Grapevine Highway that nearly claimed their young lives.

A lot of bands would have thrown in the towel, but A City Serene decided to move forward, and keep pursing their dream.  The band released their debut EP last year, entitled "The Art of Deceiving Perception," which is available through Itunes and

The EP opens up with the track "With Swords Crossed," featuring a mixture of melodic singing, screams, and breakdowns that makes you bang your head, but at the same time makes you sing along.

According to the band's myspace, the band has plans to record a full-length album, as well as tour.  The band hopes to have their full-length album by the Spring of 2011.  If it is as good as their debut, this band is poised to make their mark in the scene.  The band is also up for "best rock album" at the San Diego music awards.  Past nominees have included Blink 182, Switchfoot, As I Lay Dying among others.  So check out A City Serene, the Kevin Says Band of the Week!

A City Serene live at Warped Tour:
"With Swords Crossed" Video"

Lineup:  Carly Baker - Vocals

Xander Bourgeois - Vocals

Kris Renfro- Guitar

Michael Sherman - Guitar

Marc Koch - Bass/Vocals

Mike Buxbaum - Drums

Joe English - Drums (June 10'-present)

Random Thoughts: Old Ladies

I don't know about the rest of you fine folks, but I appreciate the elderly in our society.  They have seen so much history throughout their time on Earth, like the Depression, World War II, and the assassination of President Kennedy.  Most of the older people I have met are always appreciative to talk to you "young people," which I guess is anyone under 50 to them.  They are in most instances, more friendly than their younger counterparts.  Older women always seem to be drawn to me, not in a sexual matter mind you, but perhaps I look like one of their grandkids or sons,or something like that.

One thing that I really have not been able to understand about our older ladies, is their reluctance to wear bras in public.  I'm sure you all have seen it, you walk into Target, Wal Mart, or any major retailer, and you see all the blue hairs lining up around the hemorrhoid cream.  You have also probably noticed the disturbingly high amount of saggy titties in the house.  I work in retail sales, so I have to see this growing epidemic.

As a flaming heterosexual, I enjoy staring at boobs.  I check them all out, boobs on fat girls, skinny girls, hot girls, ugly girls, I've even scooped on the tits on a few midgets.  Perhaps it's a sickness, but yes, I will check out the rack on a 70 year old.  It's not really even a sexual thing, it likes its permanently inculcated in my mind to look at the boobies of every women I cross paths with.  Which helps bring me to the point of all this rambling.

I encountered a woman the other day with boobies at her belly button.  These behemoths were easily a DD, if not bigger.  As the woman was asking me questions about an item I was trying to sell her, I could not stop staring at this absolute trainweck of a rack.  It was obvious that granny wasn't wearing a bra,and it was honestly a little vomit-inducing.  Most sane individuals would just look up at her face, and try to pay no attention to the saggy rack.  However, I could not turn away no matter how I tried.  I was able to stay poised enough to make my sales pitch, but I did refer to one printer as "the breast."  Of course, being the sweet old, and likely partially deaf lady she was, she paid no mind to my slip of the tongue.  Old Marge, or Bea, or whatever her name was, bought her merchandise, and walked out of my life.  She did leave a scar though that will not heal anytime soon.

So Grandma's everywhere, get a new bra, and keep those things out of plain view.  Father time and gravity have told you that it's time to keep those puppies under wraps.  If you don't, perverts just like me will continue to stare in disgust, and slight curiosity.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is it time for the Padres to dump Correia?

With the Padres suffering through their longest losing streak of the year, questions about the makeup of this squad have started to arise.  The first place everyone looks is at their offense.  Aside from Adrian Gonzalez, the team hasn't received a lot of production.  They haven't had a solid leadoff man all season, and the lack of protection for Gonzalez has been apparent.  Despite their league-leading ERA, their pitching staff has been far from perfect.  Kevin Correia has been one of those guys this year, as he struggled throughout much of the season.  After coming off of a very solid 2009 season, Correia hasn't looked the same as last year.  So should the Padres consider parting ways with my fellow Grossmont College Griffin?  Let's take a closer look.

Correia 2009 stats:  12-11, 3.91 ERA, 198 IP, 194 hits, 64 BB, 142 K's
Correia 2010 stats:  10-9, 5.29 ERA, 136 IP, 142 hits, 59 BB, 105 K's

When you look at his regular stats, it does look pretty ugly.  He is allowing more than a hit per inning, plus his walks are up considerably.  In 2009, Correia walked 2.9 batters per 9 innings, while in 2010, it is up to 3.9 per 9 innings.  His hits are also up slightly, from 8.8 per 9 innings in 2009, to 9.4 in 2010.  With the increase in these numbers, Kevin is allowing an extra 1.6 baserunners per 9 innings.  He has also allowed 18 Home Runs this year, when he allowed 17 Home Runs in all of 2009.  But there are also other factors to look at.

The website breaks down many different categories of statistics, that give us a better determination of what else could cause the difference from one year to the next.  His velocity is down this year, from 91.7 MPH last season, to 90.9 MPH this season.  Correia is also throwing his two-seamer a lot more this year.  His statistics last year showed he threw his four-seam fastball and slider the most of all his pitchers, while this year he has thrown four times as many two-seamers as he did a year ago.  Hitters have responded by pounding him this year, as he hasn't mixed in his offspeed stuff as much as he did a year ago.

So looking at the statistics, should the Padres consider dumping Correia?  As of now, I would say no.  The Padres would just end up replacing him with an unproven starter from the Minor Leagues, such as top-prospects Corey Lubeke or Simon Castro.  Chris Young is about to be sent out on a minor league rehab assignment, so having his presence for a final playoff push.  But for now, the Padres will have to hope Correia finds the command that has alluded him this season.