Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back on the air Friday!

For those of you who dig my little Internet radio show, I will be on the airwaves this Friday at 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific.  I got a lot of good stuff planned, we will hit on all the latest sports news, move on to the Box Office Report, where I preview some new movies for your weekend.  I also will take calls from you guys, on any topic at (760)454-1106, and your e-mails at  Hit that up early and often.  I was pretty stoked last week, by getting some new callers, and I'd love to hear from even more people!  Looking for my first female caller, so if you have a vagina, make some history!  Listen live at  Do me a solid and tell all of your friends!

Thanks everyone!

Kevin :)

Maury: An instant shot of self-esteem

I really don't know why, but I love watching Maury.  He has sold out a bit, trying to become a Jerry Springer type, with ridiculous storylines, and outrageous guests.  95 % of his shows are either paternity test drama, or lie detector episodes.  It really is horrible television, yet I am drawn in everytime.  I really believe that it makes me feel like an absolute winner.

I am a 25 year old who often feels like I am not reaching my potential.  Many nights I often wonder what the hell I am doing with my life, and how do I plan to be a success.  Sometimes it is enough to give me a panic attack, or makes me a candidate to be institutionalized in a sanitarium.  I feel like I am stuck in a rut that I have no hope from escaping from.  I grab my television remote, flip around, and land right on Maury.  All of a sudden, all my troubles melt away.

We met 23 year-old Rochelle, from some hick town in the South.  Naturally this stupid bitch has 2 bastard kids, and is in dire need of a makeup artist.  She brings on 26 year old Johnny, a former flame who bailed once he found out homegirl had a bun in the oven.  She tells the audience the sob story of how they were once so in love, they planned on buying a trailer, and living the life she always dreamed of.  They had unprotected sex(naturally) and she had a baby.  Our friend Rochelle says she has no doubt that dude is the Father, the guy says he heard rumors that she screwed four guys at a tractor pull, and the bickering continues.  Finally, in the midst of all the chaos, Maury is there for this once happy couple, with the index card that could change their lives.  "Johnny, you are NOT the Father," Maury proclaims, as all hell breaks loose.

The skank runs out the stage, completely disconsolate since she made an ass of herself on national television, and dude is running around like he just won the Super Bowl.  While taking all of this in on my couch, a smile forms on my face, and I think to myself, "Wow, perhaps my life isn't so bad.

Maury has also taught me lots about genetics and DNA.  For instance, we had a gentlemen on today, who is the same age as me, yet he has 5 kids already, and could potentially have more.  His ex girlfriend has brought him on the show because she claims he fathered her two children, one boy and one girl.  The man is denying the daughter, because he has five boys already, and he "can't make girls." Say what?  Well, he fathered the boy, but naturally the girl wasn't his.  Wow, apparently some men are incapable of producing girls.  Fuck taking biology, I learned about genetics from watching Maury.  Once again, i look around to the silence that surrounds me.  No annoying children, and no crazy baby-mama hitting me up for money for pampers.

Besides being a cure for depression, Maury has a few other purposes:  gambling and drinking games.  The next time you are at a box social, or whatever the hell you call your parties, pop in an episode of Maury, and take a shot everytime he says "You are NOT the Father." 

In all likelihood, you will be hammered 30 minutes later.  You can also place bets with your friends about the outcome of the paternity tests.

"Bro, I bet you $20 that he's the Father!"  "Sweet man, I'll take that action!"  This practice could be extremely useful during the absence of football.

So remember people, the next time you're having a terrible day, check your local listings, and find an episode of Maury.  You will walk away with a renewed confidence that several years of therapy couldn't mold.  Remember, there is always someone who is a bigger loser than you, and they've probably appeared on Maury.

Chargers notes: Jackson still a Bolt

The Chargers 1PM Pacific deadline to trade Vincent Jackson, so that he would be eligible to play in week 4, came and went without Jackson changing teams.  According to multiple reports, the Chargers and a few other teams had deals worked out, but in the end, Jackson stayed put.

Kevin Acee, the Chargers beat writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, reported that that Jackson and the receiver-starved Minnesota Vikings, had agreed upon a 1 year $6 million contract, a far cry from the 5 year $50 million deal Jackson was looking for in the beginning of the season.  The Chargers rumored asking price was a 2011 second round pick, and at least a third rounder in 2012.  This asking price was apparently too much for anyone to meet.

Jackson was quoted in a text sent to NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora that stated:  “I just don't understand why (a trade wasn't completed),” Jackson wrote. “They obviously think I'm a valuable player by asking for such high trade compensation, but why am I only offered tender salary? My agents and teams interested did everything to make it happen, but this organization stopped it. I just want to play football. It feels unethical and I am disappointed.”

With Jackson poised to sit out the entire 2010 season, and a looming lockout in 2011, who really knows when Jackson will play football again.  Suffice to say, it won't be in a Charger uniform.

Kevin Says:  It is really difficult for me to choose a side in this debacle.  On one side, I want Jackson locked up, and ready to ball.  He makes the Chargers offense more potent, and could potentially help them get closer to winning in the playoffs.  He was one of the best deep threats in all of football last year.

On the flipside, Jackson was stupid enough to get two DUI's in one year, in addition to being handcuffed prior to last year's playoff meltdown for driving on a suspended license, and having expired registration tags.  It wouldn't be prudent to invest a huge chunk of change in someone who clearly has an alcohol problem.

Looking at the situation from the outside, it is clear that A.J. Smith has doesn't have Jackson in his future plans.  If the Chargers wanted Jackson around, they would have at least made an effort to reach a compromise on some sort of a deal that would work for both sides.  Instead, Smith went with the "my way or the highway" approach.  At least by Jackson being dealt, the Chargers could have gained some sort of compensation.  Now all they have is a bitter, disgruntled receiver, and a black eye on the organization.  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jaguars totaled by the Chargers, 38-13

Chargers RB Mike Tolbert
The Chargers beat down Jacksonville, in a game that almost no one in Southern California saw.  Jacksonville came in looking to run their record to 2-0, but San Diego had other plans.

The Chargers came right out of the gate and scored on the Jaguars defense.  A Mike Tolbert run, capped a 6 play, 74 yard drive, and gave San Diego an early 7-0 lead.

Jacksonville got the ball, and promptly turned it over, as David Garrard threw an interception to first year starter Antoine Cason.  The Chargers were unable to take advantage however, as rookie running back Ryan Mathews fumbled the ball away.  Jacksonville was able to convert the miscue into a field goal, which made the score 7-3.  It was as close as the Jaguars would get in this game.

The Chargers and Jaguars traded turnovers, as Philip Rivers threw a pick in the red zone, and three plays later, David Garrard threw one to Antonie Cason, his second of the game.

The Chargers took advantage of the short field, as Philip Rivers threw his first of two touchdown passes to Antonio Gates, this one a 9 yard score, and the Chargers were up 14-3.

Ryan Mathews left the game early with an apparent ankle injury, and carried just 5 times for 26 yards.  Mike Tolbert played the majority of the game, and was solid, getting a career-high 81 yards, on 16 carries.  Matthews said he could have returned in the second half, but the Chargers staff was reluctant to let him.

The Chargers led 21-6 at the half, but Jacksonville moved the ball into Chargers territory to start the 3rd quarter.  However, the momentum was killed when Maurice Jones-Drew fumbled, and Chargers safety Paul Oliver recovered.  The Chargers turned this gift into a Nate Kaeding field goal, and held a 24-6 lead.

The Chargers added two 4th quarter touchdowns, a 1 yard TD run by Mike Tolbert, and a 54 yard strike to Malcolm Floyd, and the Bolts led big 38-6.  Jacksonville added a garbage-time score which ended the scoring.  San Diego wins 38-13, and travels to Seattle next week.

Kevin Says:  There was a lot to love as a Charger fan.  The defense forced six turnovers, including 4 interceptions.  A unit many expected to struggle, has played above the expectations I had going into the season.  Philip Rivers was his normal, surgically accurate self, throwing for 334 yards, completing 76 % of his passes. He spread the ball around nicely, hooking up with 8 different receivers.  Mike Tolbert allowed the Chargers to control the ball fairly well, and showed that he is a capable NFL running back.  The defense also shut down Jones-Drew, a big concern I had going to this game.  Nate Kaeding also made his only field goal attempt, so that is somewhat encouraging.

As good as the game was, the Chargers still have much to improve upon.  Rivers threw a pick in the red zone, something that is inexcusable against a quality opponent.  Ryan Mathews needs to do a better job of holding on to the ball, two fumbles in two weeks won't make anyone forget about Ladainian Tomlinson.  Special teams were also a negative, as the Chargers allowed a blocked punt, although their coverage was much better.  Overall the Chargers looked dominant, but they definitely can improve.  I like San Diego next week over Seattle.  The Chargers stand at 1-1. a game behind 1st place Kansas City.

Leaders for San Diego: 
Passing:  Philip Rivers, 22-29, 334 Yds, 3 TD's, 2 INT's, 119 QB rating.
Rushing:  Mike Tolbert, 16 Carries, 81 Yds, 5.1 avg, 2 TD's.  Ryan Mathews, 5 Carries, 26 Yds, 5.2 avg.  Darren Sproles, 5 Carries, 36 Yds, 7.1 avg.
Recieving:   Malcolm Floyd, 3 Catches, 95 yards, 1 TD.  Antonio Gates, 5 Catches, 57 yards, 2 TD's.

San Diego Curse alive and well in SDSU chokejob

This is honestly getting ridiculous.  San Diego State, a football program that hasn't been to a Bowl Game since 1998, and a team who is lucky to get 20,000 for a game, was just a few minutes away from a statement game for beleaguered program.  A win, on the road, versus a decent Missouri team.  The least successful program in the Mountain West could upset a team from the Big 12.  San Diego State had a 24-20 lead with 72 seconds.  Then they realized they were from San Diego.

Missouri receiver T.J. Moe turned a harmless little 7 yard out pass, and turned it into 68 yard, backbreaking touchdown that showed once again, that San Diego teams just can't get over the hump.

Of course the optimist would say that the Aztecs are 2-1, and have a very winnable game next week at home, against Utah State.  The Aztecs defense shut down the Missouri running game, allowing just 89 yards on the ground.  The defense had two interceptions, and overall played well.  Ronnie Hillman looked like the next Marshall Faulk, scoring on runs of 93 and 75, and he finished with 228 yards on 23 carries.  All kinds of positive things to take away, right.

Well, Ryan Lindley, the Aztecs Quarterback was brutal, and threw an interception at the goal line, when SDSU had an opportunity to punch in a score, after a Missouri fumble.  The defense couldn't hold it in the end, in front of the 7 people in San Diego that could actually watch the game.  San Diego fans are again left wondering what could have been.  Add Missouri to list of teams that SDSU could have beaten:  Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame.  Close, but no cigar when the dust settles.

San Diego, the home of beautiful beaches, hot chicks, and mediocre sports teams.  The curse lives on.