Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coco Crisp looks to Craigslist for help

Baseball players and athletes in general have a busy life.  Constant travel, little time off during the season, life can get pretty hectic sometimes.  That is why a professional athlete needs to stay grounded, and find ways to balance their lifestyle.  In the case of Coco Crisp, outfielder for the Oakland A's, you look to Craigslist.

Crisp(or someone with a little too much time on their hands) put an ad on the Los Angeles section of Craigslist, looking to hire someone to help him out with his many arduous tasks.  The ad said he is looking for someone who will:  "set up appointments, bill paying, personal shopping, dinner parties", and my personal favorite, light housework, etc...

Did I mention the gig pays 40K a year, and comes with free room and board?  Oh, and you must submit a resume, and a picture.  Women need only apply.

Essentially, Mr. Crisp is looking for a hot piece of ass to take care of business when he is away, and someone to bang when he's at home.  I mean, why else ask for the broads picture.  It's not like he's looking to hire Mrs. Doubtfire.  He is also one of the few people I've seen in the last five years that still uses an AOL e-mail account.

It seems strange for a MLB player to resort to Craigslist to find an assistant.  The only reason people use Craigslist is to find a prostitute to screw on those lonely, horny nights.  However, of all people to do make an account for, why Coco?  I mean, hes a relatively obscure outfielder.  Check out the ad here.

Hot Stove roundup; Westbrook resigns with St. Louis, Buck close to deal with Marlins

The Cardinals resigned starting pitcher Jake Westbrook yesterday to a 2 year, $16.5 million dollar contract.  He also gets a full no-trade clause in the deal.

Westbrook pitched well for the Cardinals in 2010, after being a trade deadline acquisition from the Cleveland Indians.  Westbrook put up a 3.48 ERA in 75 innings for the Cardinals.  He will be part of a deep rotation that features Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainright and Jaime Garcia.

The Marlins are also close to a free agent deal with catcher John Buck, on a three year, $18 million dollar pact.  This would be the Marlins biggest signing since Carlos Delgado in 2005.

Buck had a breakout 2010 campaign, hitting .281 with 20 HR's.  He spent most of his career with the Royals, and was part of the Carlos Beltran trade back in 2004.

Kevin Says:  Westbrook is a good signing,  The Cardinals have a really solid rotation, easily the best in the NL Central.  Westbrook is a good innings eater in the back-end of the rotation.  The price tag is a bit high, and it is unusual to see a player like him get a full no trade clause, but a 2 year commitment won't hurt them.

I like John Buck, but he really has only had one great year.  He doesn't walk a lot, and in his days in Kansas City, he really struggled throwing out runners.  Prior to last year, his career high in average was .247.  Could be a bit of a gamble for the thrifty Fish.

Marlins trade Dan Uggla to the Braves

The Braves pulled off a bold move this afternoon, acquiring second baseman Dan Uggla from the Florida Marlins, in exchange for utility infielder Omar Infante, and left-handed reliever Mike Dunn.

Earlier in the week, Florida offered Uggla a 4 year, $48 million contract, but he rejected it, as he is seeking a 5 year pact at around $71 million.  When talks came to an impasse, the Marlins went in a different direction, shipping him off, to a division rival, no less.

Uggla had a huge 2010, hitting .287/.369/.508 with 33 home runs, and 105 RBI's.  Uggla has never hit less that 27 bombs in five big league seasons.  He should fit in to the middle of a Braves lineup that features Jason Heyward and Chipper Jones, if healthy. 

Infante has been used as a utility man most of his career, but did get 500 at bats this year, and hit .321/.359/.416, with 8 HR's and 47 RBI's.  He was a questionable All-Star in 2010, and will probably start at second base for the Fish.

Dunn, who is 25, showed promise in 2010, posting a 1.89 ERA in 19 innings, with 27 K's.  Since the end of the season, the Marlins have added 4 arms to the bullpen.

Kevin Says:  I'm not crazy about this deal for the Marlins.  Uggla is a legitimate power hitter, and they only managed to get a veteran utility guy,(albeit a good one) and a left-handed reliever.  Surely this couldn't have been the best offer that the Marlins received, especially from a division rival.  Braves get an absolute steal in this trade.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jimmy Church calls into the Kevin Says Podcast. Check it out.

For those of you who do not know, I host a weekly podcast on the Blog Talk Radio website.  Last Friday, Jimmy Church of called in, and I feel the segment is worth your time.

Jimmy talks NFL, as well as his opinions on the Cam Newton situation, and what's going on in the NBA.  The "interview" lasts about 30 minutes and is pretty entertaining, in my humble opinion.  You can hear and download it:    Check it out!