Thursday, January 6, 2011

Carolina is out of Luck, Andrew to stay at Stanford

With one statement, the Carolina Panthers draft board is in flux.  Andrew Luck, considered to be the consensus choice for the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, has decided to stay in school for his junior year.

In a statement that Luck released today, he said that he plans to stay at Stanford, and pursue his degree in architectural design.  By staying in school, Luck could potentially be leaving $50 million on the table.  The guy is obviously an intelligent guy, and i applaud him for taking his academic career seriously.  He went to Stanford for a degree first, and football second.

However, from an economic standpoint, Luck could be blowing a major opportunity.  The first pick in the draft could command around $50 million, which seems almost impossible to pass up.  However, Luck comes from a wealthy background, so the money might not be a huge motivation to someone who is already wealthy.

If your are a Panther fan, this has to be a tremendous kick to the gut.  The only solace that you had for an awful season, was a shot at Luck, your franchise savior.  Instead you can look at Blaine Gabbert from Missouri, or Cam Newton, but neither of those players is as polished as Luck.  The Panthers can also look at players on the defensive side of the ball, but they won't have the sex appeal of a franchise quarterback.

I respect Luck for his choice, he wasn't influenced by the media, or anyone else in his life.  Ultimately, he did what was best for him, and to me, that shows what kind of leader this young man is.

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