Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finch Breaks Up

In a story missed by me, post-hardcore band Finch decided to call it quits, and scrap plans for a studio album that they were planning.

The band rose to prominence in 2002, with the album, "What it is to Burn."  The title track was a big hit on Modern Rock radio, and the band developed a very nice following.

From a personal standpoint, Finch was part of my first concert, as I saw them, and Something Corporate open for New Found Glory.  Finch tore the roof off of Cox Arena, back in 2002, and they became part of the soundtrack of my High School career.  They blended sounds of hardcore like Glassjaw, and had a definite Deftones vibe.

They went with a darker sound on their second album, "Say Hello to Sunshine," which wasn't received well by fans, and they faded away into obscurity, eventually disbanding back in 2007.

They reformed in 2008, and did a nationwide tour, and released a digital EP.

I had the opportunity to meet singer Nate Barclow, after their set at Soma, here in San Diego, and the guy was a complete douche.  He blew off my buddy and I, when my friend asked for an autograph.  His girlfriend also had a muffin top, and bad teeth.  I thought musicians get better tail, than last call girls at some hick dive bar.

He did however write a great album, which I advise you all to check out.  RIP Finch.

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