Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great Moments in Movie History: Anne Hathaway in "Havoc"

Oh, it gets better!
This movie is worth mentioning for reason, a nude Anne Hathaway!  The film itself is complete trash, with a story that makes absolutely no sense, and plot holes tat you could drive a tank through.

We meet Anne Hathaway's character,(names aren't important here) a privileged High School student, living it up in Beverly Hills.  Her and her friend, (played by the delicious Bijou Phillips) become engrossed in the urban hip-hop culture, and they decide to get a taste.  Anne's boyfriend is a wanna-be gangster, and after a gang of Mexican-American thugs embarrass him after a drug deal gone bad, whitey has a gun pulled on him. 

The next night, Anne, and Bijou head down to South Central, to hang out with their new-found gangbanger friends, and a promising relationship ensues.  After a few nights of hard partying, drinking beers, and smoking the green, Anne decides that she and Bijou should join the gang.  You know, two rich white girls joining a gang in South Central is completely believable, but initiation comes with a price.

The two girls are forced to play a dice game where they roll, and whatever number is rolled, the girl has to "take" that many members of the gang.  Anne luckily rolls a 1, which will preserve what's left of her dignity.  Bijou rolls a 3, but seems excited about the possibility of being stuffed like a turkey.  The two girls, and the excited fellas head to bedroom for the new members ceremony.

The reason this film is worth an add to your Netflix queue, is for some great double nudity.  First, Anne lets her zipper top off, and we see her goodies.  I always saw Anne as this sweet, innocent girl, so seeing her nude was quite the surprise.  On the other side, Bijou lets her top come down, and gets nasty.  The scene however, comes to an abrupt end when Bijou freaks out cause two guys join in at once.  Doing three dudes individually is not an issue, but taking two at once not only leads to a panic attack, but blue balls all around for the fellas.  Naturally, they blew any chance of joining the gang, and were forced to return to their lives of promiscuous sex, and pissing off their parents.

Overall this movie is rubbish.  Which is a shame because you have talent like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Hathaway, it just was never believable.  There's even a scene where Phillips and Hathaway attempt to smoke crack.  Two rich teenagers girls doing a couple of lines of blow, but 2 girls from Beverly doing a Tyrone Biggums impersonation?  Get real, but the nude scene is an absolute classic.  That's why it is a great moment in cinema history.  

Just a little afterthought, check out Mr Skin's top 100 films.  I plan on seeing all these films in the near future!

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