Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers

As the Green Bay Packers made their surprising run to a Super Bowl early this week, it seemed like you couldn't mention Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, without having Brett Favre brought up as well.  The media wanted to know if the two had spoken, if Favre had any advice for his adversary.  Then as Rodgers played the game of his life in the Super Bowl, everyone wanted to know if Favre called to congratulate him. 

Ever since Rodgers came into the league as the Packers number one draft pick(24th overall) in 2005.  The Packers selected Rodgers, in part because Favre had been contemplating retirement, and they felt they needed a heir to the cheesethrone.  It also helped that Rodgers was considered to be the top QB in the draft, and he fell all the way to 24th pick.

Prior to the 2008 season, the Pack decided to part ways with their future Hall-of-Famer, and let Rodgers have his chance to shine, and shine he did.  Rodgers put up over 4,000 yards in his first full season as a starter, and by his 3rd year as a starter, he led the Packers to a title.

Favre, led the Packers to his title in his 5th year, and both were 27 years old.  Rodgers has become the new golden boy in Wisconsin, taking that title away from Favre.  Some Packers fans I know, have even said Rodgers is more popular than Favre was ever was.

I decided to take a look at the numbers, and see who was better at 27, Favre or Rodgers.  Obviously, different personnel were involved, but the numbers are very similar, when we look at ages 25-27/

Rodgers:  1003-1552, 64.6 comp %, 12,394 yds, 86 TD's 31 INT's. QB ratings of 93.8, 103.2, 101.2.

Favre:  1047-1695, 61.7 comp %, 12,194 yds, 110 TD's, 40 INT's, QB ratings of 90.7, 99.5, 95.8.

Like I mentioned, the numbers are eerily similar, but I have to give Rodgers the advantage.  Rodgers has a much better completion percentage, throws fewer interceptions, and actually has 200 more yards than the "'ole gunslinger.  Favre also never put up a 100 QB rating in Green Bay, and did in only once, which was in 2009 with Minnesota.  Rodgers has two in his first three seasons.

There is no denying that both are great quarterbacks, however if I had my choice of 27 year old Packer QB's, I'm taking Rodgers.

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